5 Ways to Make Your CBD Gummies Last Longer


CBD gummies are a popular way to take CBD. These candies can be eaten and provide many of the same benefits as other forms of CBD without having to worry about getting high from them. However, there is one downside that they don’t last very long. In this article, we will discuss 5 ways to make your CBD gummies last longer so that you get more out of each container.

After enjoying your CBD gummies, you’ll want to make them last as long as possible. Here are some helpful tips:

Store it in fridge or freezer

Keep your cbd gummies in their container and place them inside the fridge or freezer. Make sure you remove them from the packaging first. The cooler temperature will help to keep the candies fresher longer and make sure they last as long as possible without going bad. You can find a wide range of CBD products at Hemp Bombs. We recommend starting with 25mg for beginners who aren’t used to taking such high doses, but if you’re looking for something stronger, they have many options available at 50mg too.

Away from light

Light can damage CBD Gummies, which will also cause your gummies to lose their potency. Make sure you store them in a dark place like the back of your cupboard or drawer so that they don’t get any light exposure at all. This is especially helpful if you’re storing them in the fridge because there’s usually some kind of lighting inside on an automatic timer. If this happens, put something over top of them to block out any sign of light while still making sure they stay cool and won’t be damaged by heat.

Away from moisture

Moisture can also be a problem. If your CBD gummies start to absorb moisture from the air, they will lose their potency and become less effective at relieving symptoms of pain or other ailments you’re trying them for. When storing them in the fridge, ensure that you keep them away from any ice dispenser parts where moisture could get trapped inside. A sandwich bag is always helpful if you need something simple to put over the top while still ensuring all light exposure is blocked out. Give it time before taking more servings.

Sealed in a jar

A simple yet effective way to make sure your CBD gummies last as long as possible is by keeping them in a sealed jar. You can find these at any grocery store or convenience store for pretty cheap. Make sure you keep the lid on tight and check it each day to ensure there’s no damage from moisture, heat, light exposure, etc. This will help ensure that they stay fresh longer without going bad before their expiration date arrives.

Somewhere stable

Make sure that where you store your CBD gummies is somewhere safe and secure. If they’re not sealed properly, this will greatly affect how long they last too. Kids shouldn’t have access to them either, so make sure the container stays out of their reach at all times for maximum effectiveness throughout its shelf life.


The best way to make your CBD gummies effect last longer is by storing them properly. You can also experiment with making a higher concentration of CBD oil and reducing your doses’ size, or you could take more frequent but smaller doses throughout the day. Another option would be to use an edible containing other ingredients besides CBD, such as coconut oil. If these tips work for you, let’s know by commenting below.

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