5 Ways to Make sure you get a High Salary Nanny Job


Are you interested in getting a great salary as a nanny? Have you noticed that there are some nanny jobs that offer a higher salary than others? If you want to become a VIP nanny or governess, or you simply want to guarantee a higher salary for yourself, there are some simple steps you can take. Read on to find out 5 ways you can ensure a higher salary for yourself in your new nanny role.

  1. Work on your qualifications

The easiest way to make sure that VIP nanny agencies or top level employers pay attention to you as a nanny is to be well qualified. The best nannies have Norland Nanny training or similar from a professional nanny school. Nannies with a degree in childcare or similar are also well positioned for big money nanny jobs.. As a minimum you should have some professional childcare courses or CACHE training on your CV. This takes time and dedication but guess what? The best nannies are patient and dedicated, and that’s what makes them deserving of high salary nanny roles. Work on your qualifications before you present yourself to a VIP nanny agency.

  1. Make sure your experience is good

Again, high salary nanny roles are typically allocated to those who are dedicated and professional nannies. And these nannies have experience! They have staying power (that means working for one or several years in a single position) and professional experience – not just with younger family members or with their own children. If you really want to make money as a nanny you need to ensure that you have professional childcare experience on your resume.

  1. Present your qualifications and experience in a great CV!

Make sure you have a clean, clear and concise CV in which you can present your qualifications and experience. You should have a photo to allow the VIP employer to visualise you. Include any extra skills you have, such as musical ability or a sporting background. Avoid long CVs – employers hate receiving long CVs with a lot of irrelevant information when everything could easily be summed up in a 2-page document. Add in a cover letter explaining why you are the perfect candidate for the role you are applying for.

  1. Interview well

Hopefully you have presented yourself well on your CV, and a nanny agency asks you to interview. Thanks to COVID-19 this will probably be on Zoom or some other sort of video platform, so make sure your WiFi connection is good and you won’t be interrupted. Find a quiet place with good lighting and a pen or paper nearby. Present yourself as you might dress for your first day at work and don’t forget to smile!

  1. Nail the trial!

After the interview, you may be asked to trial for your VIP nanny role. Make sure you are well prepared. Take along any books or games you think you might need. Be clean and hygienic, be on time and ask for feedback from family members as you go along. And most of all, enjoy yourself. Good luck!

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