5 Ways To Add A Touch Of Modesty To Your Prom Dress


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We all love getting ready for social events like the school prom and while this is a time for some creativity, we don’t want to go overboard. Dress codes and all that stuff are there for a reason and it would be disrespectful to blatantly flout the unwritten rules that society has and with that in mind, here are a few ways that you can tone down your prom look.

  1. Wear Leggings – If you really want to wear that sexy mini number, leggings are the ideal solution. This is a win-win, as you get to show off those great pins and stay within the prom guidelines. You might get away with stocking or tights; this would be a question for school staff, just to be on the safe side. If the weather is a bit on the cold side, warm leggings will be a life-saver and picking a contrasting colour adds something to your look.
  2. Split Skirts – If you have a slinky and sexy split skirt dress and this is not allowed, some strong double-sided tape or a tin of safety pins will save the day. Some schools might be OK with a split, depending on where it starts. You can ask a seamstress to close the top section completely, which is a great compromise. You can find amazing elegant prom dress selection from Peaches Boutique or at any dress shop near you. Search through Google for any information on some of the best prom dress designers and where you can see gowns on special.
  3. Illusion Fabric – This can be used to partially cover exposed skin, with sheer, opaque or lace, which adds a touch of elegance. This is a job for a local seamstress and she can also carry out the minor alterations needed for a perfect fit. Best check that sheer fabric is allowed before you do anything.
  4. Tube Tops Cover Up – If you want to go bra-less but are afraid that will not go down too well, wear a tube top as a compromise and you’ll be glad of the extra warmth as the evening draws to an end. A thin latex number would be ideal, as this would not be seen and your nipples won’t be on show, which is probably a no-no.
  5. Shawl – A thick shawl can save the day if your dress is a little daring and you can easily slip this off when the time is right. There are some great designs (laced or otherwise) and choosing a matching colour adds some depth to your look. Check out the online fashion mags for some great shawl and scarf designs and you can order online.

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It can be a real hassle having to compromise your look, but the last thing we want to do is upset the school management and compromise is always the best path when it comes to rules and regulations. Knowing you are not breaking the rules means you can relax and enjoy the prom and we hope the above tips help you reach the right balance between sexy and modesty.

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