5 Unbelievable Facts About Promote YouTube Videos


YouTube is a platform where one can watch how-to tips for their new project, view new music videos, or just watch a funny clip to make you laugh. However, there is so much more you could do from YouTube.

YouTube is a massive tree of information and entertainment run by businesses, internet weirdos, and kids capable of doing some cool stuff. Owners of big business organizations have recently realized the massive influence YouTube videos have. If you have not used it as a tool, you could use it to promote your videos, and you should go through the following YouTube facts.

1. By Placing a video on your landing page, you boost conversations by up to 80%

Having a video placed on your landing page lets a visitor experience the message of your brand with little effort after their initial click. Marketers can also convey an idea that is not also apparent with images or pure texts.

2. A third of all online activities are spent watching videos

Videos assist people in communication, engaging, and connecting with others. 53% of people watch videos when looking for inspiration or entertainment. 28% protect the videos to escape or relax. To produce content, the audience would love to see; marketers should comprehend these different reasons.

3. Viewers absorb 95% of the message while they are watching a video

Videos create the ability to remember different details and concepts than listening or reading. In addition, having a video ensures that your audience has absorbed your brand message, hence outperforming the other types of media.

4. 84% of clients make their purchases after they have watched an explainer video

To ensure that you have marketed your product appropriately, which has led to increased sales, you should make videos explaining your product, their benefits, how they compare to the rest, and the prices. This will ensure increased sales because many clients reach a buying decision after interacting with an explainer video.

Due to this reason, 93% of the total brands post at least a single video on Facebook weekly. Having over 4 billion views daily and viewers watching more than 100 million hours of content makes many marketers see the platform as a lucrative channel for their videos.

5. Animated video content can increase knowledge retention by 15%

Animated videos are excellent at the improvement of information processing and its absorption because;

– A combination of images and words means that a person will store data in different places within their memory

– Visual clues are essential in the direction of learner attention

– Visual info is more effective at sharing complex thoughts since we process them faster than text.

Starbucks is one reputable brand that uses animated videos to teach its customers about the small and feel of dark roasted coffee.

YouTube Paid Promotion

YouTube has effective YouTube paid promotion strategies you could use to attract more attention to your channel, videos, or your brand as a whole.

TrueView InStream ads are a YouTube strategy for creating commercials similar to those you would view on live television. By far, this is one of their most successful and profitable forms of online advertising.

By taking out a TrueView ad, you make a short video for your channels or brand that encourages the viewers to get to know more about your firm. These ads are often displayed at the beginning of a video that has been monetized. Of course, they can also show in the middle of a long video.

However, the non-monetized videos do not show ads. Therefore, when looking to get a commercial on a particular channel, it is wise to check whether the channel has been monetized.

TrueView in-display ads that show as thumbnails next to a video someone is watching can also be used. They look like PPC ads but with a thumbnail next to them. People will click your ads whenever they want. They are a great way of promoting the video display already made. Also, InDisplay ads can be an effective way to jumpstart.

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