5 Tips to Speed Up Recovery After Buttock Augmentation


Are you tired of sleeping on your stomach after buttock augmentation surgery with a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)? The post-op part of cosmetic surgery is easily the most challenging of the process, so we put together a few tips to get you on the mend faster.

Although the BBL procedure is roughly the same in each case, buttock augmentation cost in Williamsville, NY, may differ from that in other locations. The qualifications and experience of the plastic surgeon working on your case may also affect the overall cost of your butt augmentation. However, since the procedure is similar, the healing process also tends to have more similarities than differences. 

Here are a few ways you can speed up your healing process.

Follow the Doctor’s Orders

There are quite a few instructions and medications your plastic surgeon will give, so make sure to jot them down so you don’t forget. Some of them may include the following:

  • Not sitting on your behind for a while
  • Take your medication on time
  • Avoid strenuous activities
  • Proper wound care procedures
  • Follow-up appointments

If you follow the instructions as given by the doctor, you will shorten your recovery time by a few days by avoiding complications and risks.

Keep Your Incisions Clean

This may sound like a no-brainer but washing your hands each time before touching the incision site is paramount to keeping it infection-free (for the liposuction sites). If you change the gauze, always use sterile gauze on the wound after cleaning it thoroughly. Lastly, always inspect the incision site for any signs of infection. If caught early, an infection is easier to maintain.

Keep a Healthy Diet

Keeping your weight in check is vital after cosmetic surgery because weight gain can harm your overall outcome. One of the best ways to keep your weight in check during recovery is by eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water.

Rest Strategically

We don’t want you to stay in bed all day and not move around because this can lead to other problems. Moving around will get your blood moving and help your wounds heal faster; just make sure to take literal baby steps with support in the first few days. 

Just five steps can make a difference. However, once you are done, get back to bed and go back to sleep because sleep and rest make the best medicine.

Buttock Augmentation Q&A

How long does it take to recover from buttock augmentation?

The first three weeks after buttock augmentation are the hardest. After the three-week mark, you can start engaging in simple and light tasks and sit on a pillow. After ten weeks, you can get back to the gym and ease back into your workout routine.

What are the risks associated with butt augmentation?

Buttock augmentation surgery has the following risks:

  • Fluid build-up
  • Infection
  • Incision sites might open
  • Fat embolism

Apart from these risks, you may face anesthetic-related complications if you are allergic. The good news is working with a well-trained and experienced board-certified surgeon dramatically reduces your chances of risk and complications. Following the doctor’s instructions about post-op care will significantly reduce the risk of complications.

How long will buttock augmentation results last?

The results of a Brazilian Butt Lift are long lasting because the fat cells that survive the transfer will graft to the area and become a permanent part of your body. This being said, these fat cells will respond like any other fat cells in your body and will be susceptible to weight fluctuations, both gains and losses. This means that your results can be impacted if you gain or lose weight; it is important to maintain a stable weight following your surgery.

Will buttock augmentation leave scars?

The surgeon will need to make very small incisions when performing liposuction to harvest the fat needed for the BBL transfer. These incisions may leave scars; however, scarring is not a traditional concern after this augmentation procedure.  

Who is a good candidate for buttock augmentation?

A good buttock augmentation patient should desire a fuller, more lifted buttock region and have enough fat to take from elsewhere on the body to transfer. The perfect candidate for this procedure should also not suffer from illness or take medication that can inhibit the body’s natural healing process. It is also essential to keep a positive mindset and have realistic expectations from the procedure.

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