5 tips to make coffee cups designs stand out


Turning an everyday coffee cup into a favorite item takes a little more forethought than allowing children to give them to the grandparents. The reasons for wanting to find a branding design for a coffee cup means thinking about the why behind the what.

1. Simple Statement

Generally, the cup is a solid color embossed with plain logos or college motifs. The simplistic style looks good as good in the boardroom as it does in the kitchen.

2. Special Events

Branded coffee cups are much more useful than a plaque that gathers dust on a shelf.

Moreover, they make excellent parting gifts for visiting family members for events like weddings, anniversaries, etc. A little cellophane wrap with samples of coffee or hot chocolate and voila, an instant gift.

3. Messages

This idea tends to combine the first two but touches on being personal. For instance, in a hospital gift shop, you will likely find a coffee cup with any variation of a get-well message. It is the personal touch that makes the cup memorable.

While these ideas of making coffee cups stand out are not a surprise, keeping them out of the dark closet is. The best way is to combine an idea from above with ones from below making the gift all the more personal.

4. Color Blocking

Unlike how it sounds, color blocking can enhance the design of a coffee cup by introducing various shades of color. The idea of color blocking is about using colors that are opposites on the color wheel. There are various ways of shading and blending colors to highlight a cups particular shape.

5. Multi-Use

Practically everyone who enjoys a hot beverage has a favorite cup that they use at home. Maybe it has special meaning as a gift, possibly a favorite cartoon character or maybe it just feels perfect for the cup of joe in the morning. Regardless, it is rare to see that cup outside of its sphere.

However, cups that allow the user to travel comes with extra benefits. Traveling cups come in sleek and easy to carrying designs. Not to mention spill-proof lids and vacuum insulation, which prevents condensation from forming. Reducing water damage to wood furniture or electronics.

6. Bejeweled Lettering

There are literally hundreds of fonts that can be used to make any coffee cup more appealing. From the standard Times New Roman to Honey Script and all the fonts in between, adding words is the ultimate personal touch. In addition, adding a little bling is almost always a good thing.

Making a coffee cup design stand out is not as hard as it looks at first sight. Being aware of whom the cup is for will make it easier to decide which combination of ideas the user would appreciate. A person may not always be able to watch the sunrise, but a coffee cup appropriately designed can certainly make someone remember the times they have. It is those small personalized touches that keep the coffee cup from being more than a desk ornament.

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