5 Tips To Maintain Your Eavestroughs


Your eavestroughs are an important aspect of your roof’s structure. They collect rain from the roof and redirect it away from your house and foundation.

Water damage along your home’s external walls can be caused by eavestroughs that are damaged or compromised in some manner, and high volumes of water that drip or flow over your eavestroughs can cause damage to your home’s foundation or even leak into your basement.

Below are some tips to maintain your Eavestrough Ottawa

●    Maintain Cleanliness

You should clean out your eavestroughs every few months to prevent rainwater from pooling and allow it to flow freely. Scooping out all of the leaves and debris from your eavestroughs and flushing them with a hose can help ensure that water flows freely.

However, doing this job requires you to climb a ladder and manually remove the debris. If you are not comfortable with this, it is recommended that you contact eavestrough cleaning experts such as Ottawa.

●    Examine Your Downspouts For Clogs

Take a look at your downspouts to check if there is any clogging. If this is the case, the water gathered by your eavestroughs will be trapped. As a result, the water in the downspouts will remain trapped. It can also freeze and produce a backup if left unattended throughout the year’s colder months.

If you can’t see into your downspouts clearly, try putting a hose in there with a pressure nozzle attached to see if anything comes out. This may also assist in clearing any potential congestion that you aren’t aware of.

●    Proper Maintenance

Regularly, walk around the perimeter of your house looking for any indicators of eavestrough problems. Corrosion, rusting, bending, warping, slouching, fractures, holes, gaps, and any other potential problem should all be looked for.

You can fix minor damage, such as little cracks, yourself if the damage is mild. Other, more serious concerns, on the other hand, may necessitate the aid of a specialist by Ottawa Roofing.

●    Install Guards

Eavestrough guards can assist in reducing the amount of debris that enters your eavestroughs. This means you won’t have to clean them as often, if at all. Water will still enter and be directed away from your home, but debris will be kept out. After they are installed, all that is required is to brush debris off the guards.

●    Downspout Extensions Should Be Installed.

Your downspouts may not be as long as they might or should be, depending on the shape of your property and the lot it sits on. With the use of a splash block, many downspouts collect and push water away from a home.

However, in some cases, especially after strong rains, this may not be enough. A downspout extension may be necessary for certain situations, otherwise, the water will pool around your home’s foundation and cause damage.

These extensions are simple to install on your downspouts and may be positioned so that the water is directed away from your property.

If you are looking for assistance for your eavestroughs, then you dropped to the right place. Get in touch with Ottawa today.

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