5 Tips To Avoid Tooth Chipping


Tooth chipping is a common dental issue that many people experience. It’s also one that can be easily avoided with the right knowledge and care. In this blog post, we’re going to talk about five tips to avoid tooth chipping from dentists in Tampa FL!

Avoid Chewing Ice and Hard Candy

Chewing ice and hard candy is one of the most common causes of tooth chipping, and in some cases, it can also lead to a cracked tooth. If you must chew ice or hard candy, try doing so just occasionally, and when you do, only use the front teeth to avoid damaging your back molars. Avoiding this habit can help keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Don’t Bite on Pens or Pencils

Biting down with force onto pens and pencils is another cause for tooth chipping, which occurs when the enamel gets worn away from excessive biting pressure. It’s not usually painful, but if left untreated over time, this habit will certainly take its toll on your smile, so it’s best to learn how to stop biting down on pens and pencils.

Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day & Floss At Least Per Day

Regular brushing and flossing are two of the best ways to keep your teeth clean and healthy. When brushing, make sure you use an appropriate amount of toothpaste (about a pea-sized drop per application) on the bristles, as using too much can lead to gum inflammation which can cause further problems with chipping. Flossing at least once a day is also important, as it can get rid of plaque from between your teeth.

Use Dental Floss At Least Once A Day To Remove Plaque

Dental plaque is another leading cause of tooth damage that eventually leads to chipped teeth if it isn’t removed properly. Make sure you’re brushing at least twice per day but always be sure to remove any excess plaque between them afterward, so they remain strong and healthy.

Get Regular Checkups With Your Dentist

Unfortunately, tooth chipping can be a gradual process, and notice the damage only when it’s too late. This means that by the time you go to see your dentist, there may already be some serious issues with your teeth that they need to treat before anything becomes worse. These checkups are also an important way for your dentist to catch any potential problems early on, which will help you avoid future complications.

Be Careful When Eating Crunchy Foods

When eating crunchy or hard foods like apples, carrots, and celery sticks, make sure you’re not biting down on them as hard as possible because this will inevitably lead to tooth enamel wearing away at an increased rate over time. If necessary, always cut up such food into smaller pieces first to avoid this problem.

Be Careful With Your Diet

The last tip we’ve got for you is to be careful with your diet and the foods you eat. Even if you do follow all of our previous steps, eating a poor diet can still lead to tooth chipping, so you must maintain healthy eating habits as often as possible to avoid this. When you eat the healthiest foods, you’ll be giving your teeth the nourishment they need to stay strong and resist damage.

By following these five tips, you can lower the risk of tooth chipping and damage to your smile! If none of these tips work or if your dentist does identify any issues such as enamel erosion, then we recommend seeing them at least once every six months for regular checkups! They’ll help keep an eye on how your teeth are doing and let you know when there may be cause for concern in the future.

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