5 things you should know before your car’s MOT


The person who has at least one car must hear about the word MOT. MOT stands for the ministry of transport test. That means it is a test that ensures one car or any vehicle if it fits for the upcoming one year. These tests are being taken annually. During this test, your vehicle’s essential components will be checked to ensure the car is fit for the road. If a car passes the MOT test, it can drive on the road; otherwise, not. You can do Mot reading from any licensed shop around the country. If you are going to order your car to check for MOT, there are several things that you might want to study.

Before taking your vehicle in though, make sure you’ve filled the tank with the right fuel. If you’ve ever put petrol in diesel car, you’d know how bad this can be for the car’s performance. Fuel draining is a good solution for a car that’s been filled with the wrong fuel, and is something that should be done prior to an MOT to ensure the best performance. A car that drives poorly or has odd issues, is unlikely to pass inspection!

1. Check break Fluidhttps://fuelswap.com.au/petrol-in-diesel-car/

The first thing the MOT starts with the brake fluid test. You can quickly check the brake fluid by merely opening the car bonnet. Make sure the car’s engine is stopped, and the whole machine is cold, and the vehicle is in a plain surface. Then look for the master cylinder. You will notice two markings; one indicates the max and one min. Your car’s brake fluid must be between the two. If you have below the minimum fluid, make sure to buy a brake fluid from a store and fill it up. Make sure also to check the fluid color. If it is brown or black, then that means it is used for a long. Then you may need to change the whole brake fluid.

2. Check all the mirror

If you want your car to pass the MOT test, you should check all the vehicle’s mirrors. According to the MOT manual, there are a total of three acceptable mirror positions

  • An exterior mirror providing the view of the offside of the vehicle
  • An exterior mirror providing the nearside view of the vehicle
  • An interior mirror providing the rear side of the vehicle

When checking all the mirrors, make sure that none of the mirrors are cracked or broken.

3. Check all the warning lights

In the MOT test, the warning lights are checked, including all car service reading. So make sure to check all the warning lights are ok and completely working. A small warning light can get you to fail in the MOT test. So it is best to fix any warning light if you have any have a safe drive.

4. Make sure your tire has enough tread

You should have enough tread on your all tires not just for passing the MOT test but for daily safe driving. So before attending the examination, make sure to check all your tire have enough tread. Because if tires haven’t enough tread, it may take longer for the car to stop at high speed. If you are caught in the road with a low quality of tires, tread the police may fine you up to $2500 and three penalty points for each tire. In the UK, the minimum amount of tire tread is 1.6 mm. This value may vary depending on the country. Make sure to check the impression of the tires regularly, not just for the penalties but also for your safety.

5. Make sure all the lights are working

Like the mirror, you must have a fully working light system in your car. If you have a broken light, then you won’t be able to pass MOT. Make sure to check all the lights in both the front and rear side of the car and check that all the lights are in the same hights. But the best way to prevent the light if they are working in all types of conditions. So before going for the MOT test, make sure to check all the lights.

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