5 Things You Need In Your Car for Emergencies


Emergencies are never planned, and you never know when one might occur. Car related incidents are especially high throughout the United States. The following are a few staple items that should always be in your car for a variety of situations. 

Registration and Insurance Information

If you do not have this information in your car you could be at risk of extra fines and headache down the road. If you are pulled over or involved in an accident you will need to have access to these documents. If you are involved in an accident, you can find answers to many if not all of your questions at this Monroe, Georgia car accident lawyer website. 


A blanket can be used in many different scenarios. If you decide to take an impromptu picnic you will not have to worry about sitting directly on the grass with the bugs. If your dog gets filthy and you don’t want the dog ruining your seats you can lay down a blanket. If you live in a cold area and your car breaks down or slides off the road a blanket can keep you warm. Even if you don’t live in a cold area, if you are in an accident or come upon an accident and a person is in shock, having a blanket can help them.

Jumper Cables

You never know when you may need a jump. If it isn’t you that is in need of a jump, chances are you will run across someone whether it be a stranger or a good friend and you will want to be able to help them. These days less and less people are carrying jumper cables which is all the more reason for you to carry them. They are a necessary tool for restarting a dead battery.

First Aid Kit

Most people who frequently have children as passengers carry a first aid kit. Kids are always getting bumps and bruises and sometimes even without a cut will require a bandaid for comfort. Hopefully you are never in a situation where you will need to call an ambulance, but even if you know help is coming you may need gauze to cover a heavily bleeding wound until help arrives. With a first aid kit on hand you can offer timely assistance to those in need while also having peace of mind.

Water and Snacks

If you have the room for it, carrying a gallon of water in your car can serve multiple purposes. It can be drinking water if needed or it can be added to a radiator servicing if it overheats. You never know when you are going to get stopped in traffic, run out of gas, or have car trouble that will leave you stranded somewhere for a longer amount of time than planned. Snacks are also good for this scenario, especially if you or someone in the car is diabetic and needs to stay on top of dropping blood sugar levels. 

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