5 Things To Do Before the Movers Arrive


When you begin the process of moving from one home or business to another, you have a lot of tasks to complete. You’ll need to shut off the utilities at one location and turn them on at the new location. You’ll probably do the same for your internet and security systems. You may have repairs and renovations to tackle, as well as a thorough cleaning in the old location and maybe at the new location.

With all of these tasks on your plate, it’s great when you can turn the packing and the move over to professionals. In addition to knowing that your possessions will be packed to avoid damage during the move, you can avoid injuries from carrying and lifting heavy boxes. You’ll have more time to spend with family and friends before you leave. Finally, you can concentrate on the many other tasks in front of you. However, there are still some things you should do before the movers come.

1. Declutter Your Home or Office

Most people have at least one junk drawer or a closet packed full of stuff that doesn’t ever get used. Take a moment to look around the room that you’re currently in; you can probably count at least five things that you don’t need and maybe you don’t even want them. Rather than paying for professionals to pack and move boxes full of items you don’t regularly use, donate them or throw them away.

2. Clean Out and Prep Your Appliances

This includes refrigerators, washing machines, printers, computers, and any other appliances you may have. Remove food, clothing, paper, and anything else inside the appliances. If you can, thoroughly clean the appliances. The refrigerator, in particular, can get pretty smelly if it hasn’t been cleaned before it sits for a day, or several days, in a hot moving truck. If you’re moving some, but not all, of your appliances, clearly label whether they go or stay.

3. Identify Materials that Movers Won’t Touch

Professional movers won’t handle perishable foods, hazardous materials, or plants. You’ll either need to give these items away or plan to move them yourself. Ask the movers for a list of the specific things they won’t touch. Remember that moving services in the Bay Area are bound by safety regulations and legal restrictions, so don’t try to argue with the movers.

4. Label a No-Pack Space

You need a place in your home or office where you can store the items that professionals won’t move, and where you can put the items that you prefer to move. Make sure the items are clearly labeled and tell the movers before they get to work, so there’s no confusion. If possible, set aside an entire room, so you can put up a sign and keep the door closed. If a room isn’t available, clearly cordon off part of a room.

5. Complete Pre-Packing

You probably have important documents and other paperwork, as well as heirlooms, collections of small items, and other things that you don’t want to hand over to the professionals. Pack these items yourself and place them in the no-pack space.

Hiring professional movers is a great way to reduce some of the stress you experience when you move. Understanding how you can help create a successful division of responsibilities is another key factor in a successful move.

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