5 signs of child sexual abuse that can affect you in your adult life – Why YOU need to hire a sexual abuse lawyer


Unfortunately, sexual abuse victims are not always able to take legal action against their perpetrators. If sexual abuse takes place during childhood, obtaining justice is often impossible.

As a result of having nowhere to turn, traumatic events are mentally blocked out or suppressed for a significant amount of time.

Sometimes, this is as far as things go, but other times, the victim pursues legal action later, once the ability to take legal action becomes available to them

If you suspect you are a victim of child sexual abuse, here are some signs to validate your instincts, as well as reasons why you need to hire a sexual abuse lawyer.

1. Psychosomatic Pain During Sex

Sexual abuse survivors often describe symptoms of psychosomatic pain during sex. Scientists have evidence that emotions are stored in the body.

Stress can be activated when events reminiscent of the abuse occur.

Psychologically-driven symptoms also include a need to pull away to protect oneself. Feelings of anxiety or numbness during sex are also common.

It is important to note that symptoms can occur whether trauma is remembered or not.

2. Body Shakes With No Cause

Animals reset their parasympathetic nervous systems by physically shaking out the stress and danger they endure. It is common for animals to shake involuntarily to literally shake off distress.

These mechanisms are a means of sheer survival. These fight-or-flight responses kick in when we experience a threat too, and like animals, we may shake when the stress is severe.

Some researchers consider this shaking to be symptomatic of PTSD. There is a great deal of research about the involuntary shaking of soldiers and PTSD.

3. Dreams Of Abuse? Tell Your Sexual Abuse Lawyer

If the trauma is easily accessible to the survivor mentally, they may experience unpleasant dreams related to their trauma. These dreams include themes of sexual list of paedophiles here or vulnerability.

Your sexual abuse lawyer will be familiar with these symptoms and can include them in your case on your behalf.

4. PTSD and Other Mental Health Disorders 

Some mental health challenges can begin in childhood and evolve into more severe conditions in adulthood. Exposure to child sexual abuse causes PTSD and other mental health problems.

The mind is fragile and will find ways to cope with unthinkable stress, leading to psychological disorders. Your sexual abuse lawyer will understand this reality and will work to fight for your case.

If you are experiencing problematic mental health, explain your symptoms to your sexual abuse lawyer to build your case.

5. Sensory Overload and Desire For Space

Child sexual abuse survivors may experience sensory overload, which is an inability to tolerate what they perceive as overwhelming sensory input.

If you think that you are constantly on high alert, sexual abuse may be the root cause. If relevant, present these factors to your sexual abuse lawyer.

Address Your Case Before It’s Too Late

States have statutes of limitations for child abuse. To get your case handled, act quickly and reach out to a lawyer today.

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