5 Rookie ATV Buying Mistakes: How to Buy a New Youth ATV


The sheer adrenaline rush when wild wind kisses your face is a true ecstasy for a biker. 

If you are an experienced rider, you already know how it feels to drive a power machine. But, if you are a new rider and exploring the youth ATV market to find your first ride, you must be very confused. 

The utv for sale and ATV market is one of the fastest-growing industries with a $7,628.0 million market size in 2017, which is projected to reach $14,109.2 million by 2025. In this vast market, it is hard for a newbie to find the perfect first mini bike. 

On the top, if you have a moderate budget and want to buy cheap mini bikes, there’s a huge chance that you make some rookie mistakes. Therefore, the Venom Motorsport experts have compiled a list of mistakes that you should avoid while buying your first youth ATV. 

5 Common Youth ATV Buying Mistakes 

If you want to buy cheap mini bikes without compromising quality, you have to avoid the following mistakes at any cost. 

Getting the Wrong Size

The ATV market is buzzing with new brands and products daily. There are plenty of different styles, sizes, and shapes of ATVs available in the market that you can easily buy the wrong one. 

First, you need to note down all your ATV requirements like engine size, safety concerns, color combinations, etc. Once you have a clear idea about what type of ATV you want, you can easily find it. 

For example, if you are buying cheap mini bikes for kids, safety must be your primary requirement. In that case, you should look for side by side or dune buggy bikes with a harness or strong seat belts. Nowadays, side-by-side ATVs are very popular as about 100,000 side-by-sides are sold each year. 

Similarly, engine and bike size should be calculated as per your requirements. If you don’t end up with the wrong ATV, specify your requirements first. 

Immediately Speeding Up

Whether you are a new rider or an experienced biker, it will be a big blunder on your part to immediately crank up the speed. Every ATV behaves differently when it comes to its brakes, throttle, or crutch. 

First, you need to take your youth ATV for a test drive to get a better idea about its performance. Once you are fully comfortable with your bike, only then should you test its full speed limit. Even than, you should follow safety protocols to speed up a bike like;

  • Wear full safety gears
  • Increase speed on an empty road
  • Don’t race with your friends on busy streets, etc. 

Underconfidence or Overconfidence 

If you are an experienced ATV rider, you must have full confidence in your driving capabilities, which is a good thing. But, never let your confidence get to your head because overconfidence can lead to numerous fatalities. You should drive with confidence but never in overconfidence. 

On the other hand, if you are a new rider and highly nervous while riding your bike, you can also make mistakes. You should shake off all your nervousness and anxiousness before getting on your bike; otherwise, you might hurt yourself and other people around you. 

Underconfidence or overconfidence is the wrong ingredient to ride your ATV. Therefore, be confident while driving but not too much. 

Not Considering Gravity 

Due to four wheels, ATVs are more balanced than bikes. They can automatically balance the weight without your efforts. But, when you are climbing a hill or driving over bumpy roads, you have to consider the gravity factor. 

If you don’t maintain your balance on an ATV, it can lead to a deadly accident. Thus, while climbing heights on your ATV, you have to consider your weight, gas tank weight, or any other weight that you are carrying. If you overweight your ATV, it can easily trip over while climbing up. So, ensure to balance the right weight on your mini bike. 

Skipping Maintenance 

The mini bikes are called cheap rides for a reason — first, they are highly affordable, and secondly, they require minimal maintenance. But, it doesn’t mean that you never have to maintain your bike. For long existence, you need to frequently perform a basic maintenance routine on your bike. 

If you skip cleaning or oiling your bike often, it will rust quickly and even become unsafe to ride. Therefore, never skip maintaining your bike. 

Now, you know what mistakes to avoid while riding your youth ATV. So, you should immediately check into the Venom Motorsport website and explore all the awesome cheap mini bikes. And, once you find your first ATV, you should instantly buy and safely ride it. 

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