5 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Brew Coffee at Home


Coffee is one beverage that comes in so many varieties and there are so many ways you can make this delicious drink. We know that you have a favorite way of drinking coffee. And you must have a fixed café where you go for your little-pick-me up.

Do you drink over 4 cups of joe a day? Is it a drink without which you cannot survive the entire day? Are you nodding yes to all these? Yes, then knowing more brewing hacks or easy brewing methods is essential for you.

However, why waste time and money when you can brew a perfect cup of coffee at home? With these below hacks/ways, you can make a decadent cup anytime perfectly.

Best and easy ways

Single-serve machine

One of the easiest ways to brew coffee is to use Nespresso pods and a single-serve machine. All you need are compatible coffee pods, a single-serve machine, and water. The brew takes seconds, and you get to enjoy a variety of flavors at the comfort of your home.

French Press

French Press is another easy brewing option that coffee-lovers can try at home. It may be challenging to brew coffee using French Press for the first time. However, after that first time, all you need is to pour coarse ground coffee in the machine and hot water. Then, press the plunger, and within four minutes, your coffee is ready to drink!

Pour-over coffee

Pour-over coffee uses a Chemex to brew a perfect cup of coffee with a delicate layer of the carafe in your glass. It is not a challenging process, and with this, you can brew a decadent cup of coffee as your barista does at home.

Use ground coffee and put it in the machine. Now add a bit of hot water in the circular path and let it brew. First, add a little water to wet the coffee grounds. As you hear a bloom sound, add the rest of the water slowly for a perfect brew.

AeroPress coffee

If you want to travel with a coffee maker, AeroPress is a perfect choice. Though it produces only one cup at a time, the taste and flavor of coffee you get is to die for.

Get your favorite cup of coffee, and place the AeroPress on top of it. Use the best beans and put a scoop of coffee (ground) in the chamber. Now, pour hot water and stir it well. After 10 seconds, pull the plunger down to release the coffee into the cup.

These are a few of the best and easiest ways to brew a cup of joe and start your morning feeling energetic.


Getting a drip-coffee maker is an easy way to brew a cup of joe at home. You need fresh ground coffee, which you put in a filter paper. Now, fill the water reservoir, and it will extract the coffee into your cup with a beautiful carafe.


Try many brewing ways

There are tons of brewing methods, and you cannot use every method. Thus, the best thing to do is experiment with every method and drink all types of coffee. Then decide which one is best for you and get all the things you need to make that home all the time.

Always use fresh ground coffee

Never buy ground coffee, especially from a supermarket. The coffee there is God knows how old, and it loses flavor as it gets far away from the roast date. Thus, get the best and fresh whole beans from a local roaster and the supermarket. Then grind the exact amount of coffee you need to ensure the best of taste.

Use twice the amount of pods coffee

When you use coffee pods to brew a cup of coffee, you need to use two pods if you want a strong cup of espresso. One pod does not have enough coffee grounds to brew a strong espresso.

Use dairy

Unless you are lactose intolerant or vegan, using dairy is better for your coffee. It is high in calories (use low-fat milk), but it makes your coffee better in taste. Also, vegan creamers are no good! They do not taste good and have no nutritious value.

Use these tips to brew a cup of coffee with ease at home.

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