5 Reasons You Should Subscribe Your Next Maruti Suzuki Car Instead Of Buying One


Buying a Maruti Suzuki is an excellent choice. But it is not so easy and fast. However, you can tackle this by subscribing to a Maruti Suzuki Car. It is convenient for people who shift cities or have a transferable job.

Subscribing a car is an intelligent way to live. Instead of paying EMI on the price for years, you can make financially sound choices when you subscribe to Maruti Suzuki. Besides saving money and effort, use the vehicle on your terms and schedule.

5 Reasons You Should Subscribe Your Next Maruti Suzuki

If you have always wanted a Maruti Suzuki, but buying or renting one is not an option, then subscribe the Maruti Suzuki. By doing so, you can always enjoy a host of benefits and enjoy your drive.

Stop Paying Extra For Insurance

The maintenance and insurance renewal costs can sometimes weigh heavily on the pocket. Therefore, having a car subscription from Quiklyz ensures all the costs under the subscription fee.

You do not need to pay any extra money for the car. It is better to subscribe to it when it comes to subscribing vs. buying. You must pay the monthly subscription fee on time. You can travel anywhere you want without thinking of any other costs. Costs like insurance, road tax, and breakdown cover fall under the clauses of subscription.

Avoid Downpayment

You do not have to break your investments to buy a Maruti Suzuki. You need not “save money to get your dream, Maruti Suzuki.” You can enjoy the luxury of driving and owning a Maruti Suzuki with a car subscription.

Of all the reasons to subscribe to Maruti Suzuki from Quiklyz, one is for the zero-down payment. All you need to do is pay the monthly fees. The good thing about the subscription is that you can cancel it anytime. You can renew it as well.

When you lease a car on Quiklyz, you save up on the down payment you usually would spend when buying one. In the long run, the downpayment savings will prove beneficial for you.

No Depreciating Value Worries

A second-hand car has a depreciating value. Once you use a car, its value starts to depreciate. In the first year after purchase, the value drops 15-35%. In the following years, the depreciation can go up to 50%. Therefore, it is better to subscribe between subscribing vs. buying Maruti Suzuki car.

If you want a new car, you can sell the old one at a reduced price. It is not going to get you a profit. However, by a subscribing a car from Quiklyz, you will not face such problems. The other thing about a car subscription is that you can update your car as per the newest models in the market.

Change Your Car When You Are Bored

You can upgrade the current car and subscribe to another Maruti Suzuki or car from any other brand according to your mood and taste. It is one of the most significant advantages of subscribing to a car. A car subscription is an excellent alternative for people who do not want to keep the same car for more than 2 to 3 years. During the tenure of the subscription, you can select how many kilometres/year you will be driving the car.

Choose Any Car Model That You Want

One of the reasons to subscribe Maruti Suzuki is you can choose any car model you like. You can choose the car you want, not just the subscription time. Subscribe a car based on the color and model of your choice. Select the best out of a variety of options. You can also compare the features, models, safety options, etc.


If you want the car for a few months or years, then lease it on Quiklyz. It is cost-efficient, and you do not need to worry about maintaining the car.

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