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5 Reasons to Go For Online Maths Classes with Creta Class

Creta Class is one of the educational platforms providing Math class online with an easy App & websites. Our Math class makes kids’ basics more crisp and clear in Math, they will not face difficulties in higher classes. Creta Class, an online platform providing  Math kid class online for the age group 3-8 years. We bring scientifically and systematically staged lessons to make the best online Math learning for your kids. 

At Creta Class, sessions involve kids actively participating and make their learning  more focused. It is crucial to focus on the education and skills of children from their early age. Kids should be taught about life skills, vocabulary, counting, and much more. However, the way of teaching kids should not be forceful and boring. We Creta Class build our programs with award-winning AI technology & developed under the top-notch AI laboratory.

Nowadays, mostly both parents are working. Though you send your kids to preschool to learn new skills, giving them more attention at home is extremely important. Do you not get time to help your kids revise what they learned in school? Worry not!  We, Creta Class, provide you with the best Math online learning platform. Our AI interface helps you to keep track of your kids and receive instant feedback. 

Now, you can be free as your kids are in a safe place. Our team knows the art of teaching online, especially to kids. We do not pressure your kids or things and educate them in a way that they feel comfortable & happy while learning. Thus, we conduct plenty of activities to avoid losing kids’ interest in the subject. 

5 Reasons to Have Online Math Classes for Kids

Develop Interest in Maths

Students need to be excited and confident about going to classes, working on their Math homework, and entering the next self-directed learning session. This level of encouragement, combined with specialized instruction, can transform an unwilling student into one that tolerates or even loves Math classes. 

At Creta Class, E-learning and teaching Math classes may prove advantageous because of technology and digital science. Effective online Math programs utilize informative, efficient learning methods that help in keeping the students engaged.


Regarding interaction with teachers, an acknowledged benefit of learning Mathematics online is that these sessions enable students to engage with teachers in a one-on-one conversation to receive personalized instruction.

We, Creta Class, understand the importance of kids’ engagement in a class. Kids should learn new topics without feeling pressured. Our team teaches kids in an interesting way that they feel enthusiastic and attend the session happily instead of running away. 

No Time Constraint

Creta Class gives your kids flexibility to join Math kid class online from anywhere and allows them to take alternate sessions if they miss one class. Students taking online classes may take breaks between classes for snacks, or even sitting at their preferred place comfortably during online classes.

Study at Own Pace

Students must also feel comfortable utilizing technology to engage in courses and exams for online learning to be effective. The development of the ability to study fast is one of the main benefits of taking any course online. Creta Class is backed with professional teachers who can provide 1-1 mentoring to the kids this will encourage children’s interest in learning Math and ensure progressive results.


While traditional, in-person classes operate at a preset pace, designed to fit an average learner, with virtual education, students can spend the required time needed to finish a class. Using Creta Class App, Kids can learn easily anytime & anywhere just by tapping the class using their mobile phone or tablet.

The convenience and flexibility come from allowing a student to choose for themselves when they want to learn, the material, and how much time to dedicate to a topic over the semester. 

There are various activities conducted online to teach kids different concepts and topics. 

Interesting Activities to Teach Mathematics Online

Online Games and Quizzes

Games and quizzes make a kid active and engaging. Tutors can explore different online games and puzzles to gather kids’ attention and interest them in a particular topic. They can share their screen and play a game on their device to impart knowledge. 

With Creta Class, your kids can develop an interest in Math. Our quizzes and AI interactive games keep the kids focused and help them understand different concepts at every level. 

Audio-Visual Means

In a Math kid class online, audio-visual teaching methods like playing animated videos on screen can gain the interest of kids to learn several things. Videos of rhymes, counting, etc., can make the kids learn joyfully. 

Our engaging animations and immersive life scenarios help your kids learn new topics along with entertainment. 

Singing Together

In an online Math Class, tutors can sing rhymes of counting and ask kids to repeat after them. When the kids sing rhymes together, they may feel united and happy. 

Summing Up!

With Creta Class, you can take Maths kid class online to clarify the basics and concepts. See the progress and growth of your kids by making them learn Math in exciting ways. Creta Class is a reliable and authentic platform that provides online classes in Math for kids between three to eight years of age. Take the demo of Creta Maths Class and see how beneficial it is for your kids and you. You can download our app on your iPhone or android and visit the website for further details. 

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