5 Reasons to Buy A Cat Shelf For Your Feline Friends


Humans seek companionship with their feline pets. A short time of petting or playing with them helps release the negative tension on your bodies and helps release stress and anxiety. 

According to a survey done by Cats Protection, 600 people where half had mental health problems, 87 percent of cat owners felt that their pets have a positive impact on their well being. While 76 percent also said they found coping with everyday stresses easier thanks to the therapeutic effect of the cats. 

Well then, it is a good investment to provide a safe space for your cats that will be beneficial for them. Cat shelves might be a new thing for some cat owners. It is a wall-mounted or a piece of furniture specifically made for them to climb on that provides a safe space for them. It will keep your cats from getting bored and is a great help for their physical and mental health. Here are the factors that will you convince you to get one for your pet.

1. Cats like to hang out in lofty places

According to animal behavior experts, cats have instilled in them their survival and hunting instincts from their ancestors. This is why they like hanging around in a mounted position for them to keep an eye on possible threats to their life. 

Cats engage in several actions to show their place in the hierarchy, and being up high is one way in which your cat can show to the household members that she’s in charge. 

The wild ancestors of domestic cats are solitary animals. The socialization period of cats is much shorter than dogs and may begin to decrease by 7-9 weeks of age. This will then require an environment that eliminates the feeling of fear and danger when exposed to other animals. That is why for today’s domesticated cats, cat shelves would serve as excellent lofty places for them to hang out on!

2. Cats feel protected in enclosed spaces

Since cats are known to have a hunting prey instinct, an enclosed space is a perfect hideout place for them. Also, they love the warmth that reminds them of their mothers when they were still kittens. 

Their flexible spines allow them to squeeze themselves freely into confined spaces. They don’t mind the limited space like inside the carton boxes. 

3. It can minimize furniture destructions

As a pet parent, you already know that your cats like jumping on a mounted table in your home. Hence having cat shelves will redirect them to another site where they can goof around. This will then help reduce troubles in your household.

Also, scratching objects around the household is an instinct of your cat to keep her claws in shape and to mark her territory. Of course, it is not an owner-friendly behavior since it is frustrating to see defaced furniture or snagged blankets.

Since cats have retained their hunting instincts, it is inevitable for them to be tamed. A cat owner needs to understand their behavior and give them a place for an outlet in the household. Perches will be a delight for your cat since they belong specifically to them and can be marked as their territory.

4. It will give your cat a new and exciting exercise

Just like humans, exercise is a vital factor in maintaining a healthy body for your pets. Cats also needed to be engaged in physical activities to avoid feline obesity. Being deprived to exercise can accumulate negative effects on them. This may bring up diseases such as diabetes and arthritis.

As a responsible pet owner, give them the right to have access to physical activities. This will also help you to develop a good relationship with your pet. 

5. Lastly, your cat will be happier!

Cats must have done a positive impact on your life the moment you welcomed her into your household. Having them around makes a household free from bad spirits. Then maybe, aside from the snuggle time you might want to reward your feline friend by providing her a comfort zone. 

So, be cat-considerate and give her a place wherein she could release the energy stored. A place where she could climb, perch and jump. This will make your pal happier than you’ll ever know. 


Just like humans, cats also have their distinctive personalities. Some enjoy being around with the other pets in the household while some are doing just fine staying in the corner. It is important as a pet owner to know them more for it will help you compromise with their needs. 

Providing your cat with cat shelves is a great way to give her some space of territory wherein she can stay all by herself. This will also reduce the tension between your other pets. Less growling and fights will provide a more peaceful household!

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