5 Pros and Cons of Using Kratom Green Malay


About Green Malay Kratom:

The usage of Kratom has significantly increased in the last few years. Almost 10 million people in the States itself consume Kratom daily, in different means and forms. Kratom comes in different variants, intending to cater to a wide set of problems with varying intensity.

Kratom Green Malay, as the name suggests, comes from the deep corners of Malaysia. This strain is known to be one of the most potent strains out of all variants available. Its high intensity results from how it is grown in the mountainous regions of the country. The strain has uncountable benefits; however, consumption of Kratom does have certain drawbacks too.


1. Long-Lasting Performance:

As the Green Malay is a highly potent strain, it results in long-lasting performance. The reason for this is scientific and goes back to how it’s grown. The Green Malay Kratom originates from a species called the “Mitragyna speciosa tree,” which is planted in the mountainous regions of southeastern Malaysia. The tree is known for its thick Kratom leaves. As a result of the thickness, the end product is highly potent due to the leaf cells inside. Thus, this specific product gives long-lasting results even if the dosage is low.

2. Multiple Results with One Dose:

This strain is extremely high in potency, known for its “combined effect” performance. Every individual has a different purpose for consuming Kratom. The exciting aspect of this is that one single dose of Kratom can solve multiple problems. Problems ranging from anxiety and bodyache to joint pain and chronic illness. Once consumed, if you are dealing with joint pain, not only will the pain decrease but, you will also feel mentally uplifted. People suffering from such problems consume Kratom to improve their overall wellness and not just cater to one aspect.

3. Helps with Mood elevation and Anxiety Relief:

While all variants and strains of Kratom aim to solve different problems, the underlying effect of improving mental and physical wellness remains constant. The Green Malay helps in bringing about anxiety and stress relief with the intention of uplifting your mood. People suffering from anxiety are in an unstable state of mind. Kratom helps in relaxing that hypersensitive state through its medicinal properties and brings ease and comfort. Once the brain is in a relaxed, calm state, the overall mood will automatically feel uplifted. To maintain this state of zen, people consume Kratom throughout the day in smaller quantities.

4. Helps With Bone Deficiency and Joint Pain:

The medicinal benefits of consuming Green Malay Kratom include helping with bone deficiencies like Osteoporosis. It is a condition wherein your bones become weak due to a lack of calcium, resulting in joint pain. While Malay cannot cure this condition, it can help with easing the pain naturally. Once consumed, the components of Kratom bind with our pain receptors and help in naturally eliminating the pain for a specific period. In simpler terms, consuming Kratom products like Green Malay is like ingesting a pain killer. Usually, people take high doses of painkillers and supplements to ease the pain, but Kratom helps reduce the discomfort and pain.

5. Acts as an Antidepressant and Helps Improve Body Energy and Functions:

Green Malay Kratom is known for its medicinal properties that help with depression and chronic illness. This strain can act as an antidepressant for an individual experiencing heightened emotions. The components contain ​​7-hydroxy mitragynine alkaloids that help with improving mood instantly. Once the person is in a relaxed state, the properties also help in boosting overall energy levels. It helps in boosting physical and emotional wellness, alongside providing mental benefits.


1. Addictive in Nature:

Any products consumed repetitively over a period result in addiction. While this product may help an individual in several forms, no addiction is considered healthy. The negative aspect begins when the person stops consuming such substances. The body starts reacting as it has become accustomed to those substances and, when stopped, it results in physical and mental outbreaks. These withdrawal issues only come forth if the consumption is in really high quantities regularly. If the consumption levels are controlled and altered, adverse effects of addiction are unlikely.

2. Constipation:

Kratom comes from the coffee family, which means it is rich in caffeine. Excessive intake of caffeine results in the body being dehydrated. Our body consists of 70% water, and once dehydrated, our organs, like the stomach, stops performing efficiently. Constipation from Kratom can only happen if an individual consumes it excessively over a long period. Adequate intake of water and high fiber foods like leafy greens can help in reducing this effect.

3. Headaches and Nausea:

Excessive consumption of Kratom can lead to negative effects like headaches and nausea. While everybody has their coping mechanism, outbursts like headaches and nausea are the primary signs from our bodies indicating a lifestyle change. This state should be treated as a sign and must be examined by a doctor to advise proper care and medication if the pain is uncontrollable. While these extreme symptoms are rare, they can develop over time if consumed excessively.

4. Excessive Sweating:

As Kratom acts as a natural pain killer, helping people deal with pain naturally, one of the drawbacks is excessive sweating. Sweating is a result of excess opioid consumption. This condition happens because the body gets too heated, and to restore ideal body temperature, the person sweats.

5. High Blood Pressure:

To uplift one’s mood and body energy levels, the components in Kratom act directly on the brain. They direct the brain to remain calm while increasing energy levels by ensuring faster blood flow so that our body organs can have adequate oxygen for their smooth functioning. While high blood pressure is extremely rare, someone with an existing heart condition should avoid excess intake of Kratom.


Green Malay Kratom is the most effective Kratom strain available and helps drastically with multiple problems. While there are several cons, most of them are dependant on the quantity consumed by the individual. If the individual consumes Kratom in an ideal quantity, they should not worry about such adverse effects.

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