5 Performance Marketing Tactics to Beat Your Competition


The digital marketing landscape has changed drastically over the last few years, with performance marketing becoming a major focus. Performance Marketing is an umbrella term for techniques that deliver measurable results to clients by using various digital channels to promote products and services. These methods are now dominating the field of digital marketing as more companies shift their budgets towards this type of advertising.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 5 performance marketing tactics you can use to beat your competition!


– PPC Advertising

– Email Marketing

– Social Media Ads & Management

– Influencer Marketing/Blogger Outreach Campaigns

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key part of digital marketing. SEO helps your website rank higher in the search engines, which leads to more traffic and increased conversions on your site.

PPC Advertising, also known as pay-per-click advertising is advertisements that appear when specific keywords are entered into search engines or select websites via an auction system. This form of performance marketing agency is not only easily trackable but can be extremely effective for companies looking to drive targeted traffic towards their brand.

Email Marketing allows businesses to market online by sending emails to customers/prospects at regular intervals with links back to products or services offered through the company’s website. The main goal behind email marketing campaigns is driving sales while increasing customer loyalty and retention rates!

Social Media Ads and Management is a great way to get your brand in front of hundreds, if not thousands or millions of people. There are many platforms available that allow you to take advantage of this form of performance marketing such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!

Influencer Marketing/Blogger Outreach Campaigns has become one the most popular forms of digital marketing among brands and businesses alike. This tactic targets key influencers within specific niche markets which can be social media stars with massive followings (i.e., YouTube) or even bloggers who write about certain topics regularly (i.e., fashion). The goal behind these campaigns is usually along the same lines: getting other influential users talking about your product/service while increasing awareness for your brand!

In addition,  there are plenty of other performance marketing tactics you can use to get ahead of your competition! The sky’s the limit when it comes down to digital marketing.

Product Hunt is a website that allows users to discover new products created by early adopters. It’s also one of the best places for marketers looking to launch their latest product or service! Marketers are able to provide input on other businesses’ projects before their official release, which not only helps you build relationships but can lead to great PR opportunities down the road as well. If your company has an active blog/social media platform with high levels of engagement then this could be right up your alley!

SlickDeals is another site where performance marketing tactics come into play. The idea behind slick deals websites like these is allowing community members to post daily deal submissions (i.e., discounts offered at specific retailers). Users can browse through these deals and purchase them directly from the website. What’s great about this idea is it allows marketers to offer discounts on their products/services while driving new leads for your business at no additional costs!

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