5 Most Expensive OSRS Items This 2021

The world of Old School Runescape is a vast one, and there are plenty of items that you will come across. Many players engage in the trading of OSRS gold. Rare OSRS items with a low drop rate can be worth much more, so it’s important to know what you’re getting before you buy!

What Are The Most Expensive OSRS Items?

In terms of the most expensive OSRS items that are in-game, you’re looking at 3rd Age Bows which start out being worth 540 million GP, and Scythe of Vitur that will cost 740 million GP. You also have the Elysian Spirit Shield which costs about 850 million OSRS GP. Last but certainly not least, you have the Twisted Bow that costs over 1 billion OSRS gold.

How To Get These Expensive Items In OSRS

To get your hands on this incredible weapon, you will have to see the eye-watering prices that are found above. Thankfully, there are ways in which can still afford them without having to buy them! For example, The 3rd Age Bow is a possible reward from elite and Master Treasure Trails. If you have the right equipment, then a ranged player will be able to use this item. It is only effective in short bow combat and with 65 Ranged level players can wield it effectively because of their wide range capabilities on bows.

With the Scythe of Vitur, you can also grab it without having to spend your OSRS gold. Head over to the Theatre Of Blood in Ver Sinhaza Castle and test your luck for acquiring this expensive OSRS item. You will need to have level 75 strength and attack to wield it.

Then we have the Elysian Sigil, which costs about 750 to 850 million GP. A single piece of this magical armor can net you a nice profit if sold. You can use this to get the Elysian Spirit Shield that costs nearly 900 million OSRS GP and is a great item to have if you plan to sell OSRS gold in the future.

The Old School Runescape items work together and the Sigil is a rare drop from Corporal Beast, whilst Elysian Spirit Shield can also be gained for free. To do so you will first need to have an attached blessed spirit shield which makes this super-strong item in-game!

The Twisted Bow is a highly sought-after weapon for those who want to dominate in combat. It is one of the strongest bows in-game, and it costs a lot. What makes this bow so special? It scales to your enemies’ level!

With this special stat, you will need to have level 99 Ranged skill and 89 damage with Dragon Arrows. You can get the Twisted Bow without paying by finishing Chambers of Xeric but even then there is less than a 3% chance for an Old School Runescape item drop from it when compared against ordinary bows in the game-like Saradomin or Godless arrows which respectively have 5-8%.

So, before you have to buy OSRS gold or go on a grind for it and end up broke from all the in-game purchases? There is an easier way by farming gold or acquiring those OSRS items mentioned above.

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