5 Information You Should Get Before Your Refractive Surgery


Are you thinking about having your refractive surgery but still having questions about the procedure? Follow this article to find out what to investigate about the clinic and surgeon in question so that your grade can be corrected safely and effectively. Search for cost of lasik eye surgery

Find Out If The Surgeon Is Qualified.

Refractive surgery is one of the safest procedures in the field of ophthalmology today. However, it is always essential to check if the doctor who will operate on you is, in fact, qualified for the surgery.

Start by researching the surgeon’s qualifications, whether he has experience in the field of refractive surgery, and whether his CRM is up to date. Here at Viva, our entire clinical staff is highly qualified and specialized, depending on their area of ​​expertise. In this sense, we have doctors incredibly dedicated to eye surgery.

We constantly invest in improving and updating the area, aiming at increasingly less invasive interventions and a better postoperative period for the patient.

Your surgery with us will be quick (on average, 20 minutes), safe, and will have modern equipment to guarantee satisfactory results. Schedule a conversation with one of our ophthalmologists and clear all your doubts.

Check If The Clinic’s Devices Have A High Standard Of Quality

Many patients still believe that refractive surgery is done the same way everywhere. What happens is that, depending on the clinic, your surgery may be done with older equipment, which generally involves lower operating costs compared to having more modern equipment.

The result of this can be an unsatisfactory surgery, which can take you further away from your dream of seeing without the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses. Therefore, in the consultation with the ophthalmologist, talk about the clinic’s devices to ensure that your surgery is based on the most modern ophthalmological equipment.

Ask How Equipment Maintenance Works.

Having the best technology is still not enough for you to leave the clinic ready to abandon your prescription glasses or contact lenses for good. Periodic maintenance of equipment is also essential to ensure optimal results.

Did you know, for example, that the equipment used in refractive surgery needs to be calibrated between one surgery and another? This procedure consists of performing simple adjustments, which take a few minutes before starting the surgery, but which are essential to ensure the system’s effectiveness.

Details like this define, for example, a surgery that completely resets the grade of those that leave some residual rate. In this sense, Viva follows strict quality standards and respects the minimum time between one surgery and another so that the equipment can be appropriately adjusted, customized, and calibrated.

In addition, we customize our laser equipment before starting surgery so that the equipment is suited to your eye’s ocular structure, its grade, and your specific eye problem. With this information, you will feel confident performing your surgery without fear or insecurity about what to expect from the procedure.

Ask How Many Surgeons Use The Same Laser.

The excellent use of laser equipment in a clinic guarantees, without a doubt, more effective refractive surgeries and more satisfactory results. But for that to happen, the clinic needs to ensure that the equipment is administered only by those who understand all its particularities.

Think of it like this: how many people use your car? With each new driver, the position of the seat and rearview mirror will need to be adjusted. Furthermore, each type of driving poses more or less risk to the car, depending on the driver’s profile.

Likewise, laser equipment is performed in surgery as necessary as the one that will correct its degree. If many people operate the same equipment for each type of surgery, the chances of suffering from inadequate use and adjustments gradually increase.

Ask About The Clinic’s Fee For Failed Surgeries.

Despite the high success rate of corrective surgery, overall, only about 3% of patients may not have a complete correction and may not reach the goal of having an entirely perfect vision.

However, an eye clinic that follows strict quality standards in surgical procedures and values ​​safe and modern equipment will certainly have a lower rate of patients whose grade returns after surgery. So, don’t forget to clear this question on the day of your appointment. Check cost of lasik eye surgery here

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