5 Important PDFBear Tools For Your Daily Tasks


Our daily tasks usually involve computers and electronic files nowadays. We must learn more about our electronic files and how our work demands have drastically changed from conventional to a modernized digital work environment. When we talk about electronic files, PDFs are one of the most highlighted because of their standard design and convenience.

PDFs offer much comfort to their users as they are more straightforward to share and print, and they come as lighter files compared to others. PDFBear is an online instrument you can take advantage of to manage your PDF files better. They offer free services for starters and have all the necessary tools for more efficient PDF handling.

Two-way PDF Converter

Having a web-based PDF tool is essential in today’s work demands and current trends. One highlight of PDFBear is its top-quality two-way PDF converter. With PDFBear, you can convert your usual files to PDF and vice versa. Let us use the most common inquiry as an example, which is the Word to PDF, and we will identify how to use this PDF converter tool.

You can use any search engine or web browser for PDFBear, as it is as flexible as PDF files themselves. Proceed to the PDFBear website and choose your preferred conversion. Click Word to PDF for this example. PDFBear will bring you to the page where you can upload your Word document. Click the “Select a file” button and browse for your Word file.

Double click your Word document, and PDFBear will automatically convert it to PDF as soon as it finishes uploading. Then, save your freshly converted PDF file or use its file URL faster to share it via social media or webmail platforms. This conversion also works perfectly for your Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, and HTML, and you can also convert them the other way around!

Quality PDF Compressor

This dilemma does not only apply to PDFs, but most files. Having oversized electronic files becomes challenging when you are saving disk space. It also applies when you upload and share your file via webmail or social media, as these online channels usually have limited capacity. Finding a suitable PDF compressor is your solution for these large PDFs.

PDFBear collaborates with Solid Documents to ensure quality PDF services to their users. PDFBear’s PDF compressor can shrink your PDF to its least possible size without significantly affecting its original quality. You can choose whether to use the basic or strong compression, depending on your needs.

Dealing With Corrupted/Damaged PDFs

Another online tool you need to know about PDFBear is the repair PDF function. There are inevitable circumstances where we end up having corrupted or damaged PDFs. Power disruption and any connection interruptions during download contribute to these PDF corruptions. PDFBear can take care of these problems within less than a minute!

Although the repair extent may vary depending on the severity of the damage, quality restoration can be expected from PDFBear. Repairing your PDFs using this web-based tool is as straightforward as converting your PDFs to other file formats. Just have your file, your device, and internet connection ready, and you can optimize this online tool anytime and anywhere.

Merging PDF Documents

Given that PDFs are naturally less-editable, you can maximize this free PDF merge tool to combine pages with ease. If you have PDF pages that are best fit to be as one file, go to the PDFBear home page and click “Merge PDF.” You can use the same steps to upload your first PDF, and then you will be given the option to add more pages on the next phase.

Add all the PDF pages you wish to combine and click “merge PDF!” Having a compilation of your PDFs prevents confusion and data loss. Maximize this free online tool to manage your PDFs better!

Adding PDF Security

Lastly, PDFBear can offer tighter PDF security with a password-protection. If you handle PDF documents that are confidential or contain highly sensitive content, you will need this function. You can utilize PDFBear’s 256-bit encryption protocol to protect your PDF content from any unwanted user. You will see the “Protect PDF” option from the home page.

As you upload your file, you can input your preferred password or passcode, and PDFbear will help you strengthen it by suggesting a proper combination. PDFBear works in high-quality privacy standards, and you can check out their privacy policy for further details. You can still use the file URL after encrypting it for faster online file distribution.


These five important tools are given for free by PDFBear. Although these are not the only tools PDFBear has, they are pretty convenient for anyone, even for students. Your daily tasks and reports can be done with much ease with PDFBear. Check out their homepage and see more tools you might find of good use in the future!

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