5 Health Benefits of Cannabinol


With the growing legalization of cannabis in several states, the research of its benefits also continues to grow. Cannabinol, also known as CBN, is a type of Cannabinoid that is made when a cannabis bud oxidizes. 

Like we’re discovering with CBD oil, hemp, and forms of medical marijuana, cannabinol can provide a few health benefits that may help you out. So if you’ve been curious about how to improve your lifestyle, perhaps cannabinol is the answer you’ve been looking for!

Here are five health benefits of cannabinol that might make it a great choice for you. 

1. Sedation

If you suffer from insomnia, or just have a difficult time getting to sleep, then cannabinol has some perks for you. Using cannabinol can create a sedated feeling in one, helping you fall asleep easier. 

Maybe melatonin supplements aren’t helping you, and neither are the classic breathing exercises. Give cannabinol a try and see if it helps you hit the hay with ease.

2. Pain Relief

CBN is also known for its pain-relieving properties. The way it works is through stimulating your brain to be less sensitive to the pain that comes with some injuries. 

This has been studied to show effectiveness in people with burn injuries and in people who struggle with arthritis. 

3. Decrease Anxiety

Like with CBD oil, and some medicinal marijuana that you can learn more about in this post, CBN also has calming properties. This is why it’s so effective to use to help people get better sleep. 

So, if you find yourself anxious a lot of the time, or know that you’ll be heading to an event that can increase anxiety, using CBN can help get you through those tough moments. 

4. Reduced Inflammation

Another helpful use of cannabinol is to reduce inflammation in some injuries. Along with pain relief, CBN use also carries relief from the pain that inflammation specifically can bring. 

This, of course, also works with your brain, showing you how powerful your noggin really is. It makes your brain a little less sensitive to the effects of inflammation to reduce the pain. 

5. Protection

Finally, cannabinol can protect your body from the harm of sicknesses you might get, like ALS (or Lou Gherig’s). How? 

Again, through your brain!

Diseases like ALS degenerate muscles through the neurological system. Studies point to the idea that CBN protects the brain and nerve cells from being damaged. 

Get Healthy With Cannabinol 

And there you have it, five simple cannabinol effects that will positively benefit your health. You can say goodbye to skepticism and lean into healthier living now that you know you can trust the way that CBN works with your body. 

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start living better and loving your life because you’ve added an easy step to your daily routine to make yourself a bit more healthy. 

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