5 Different types of a ketogenic diet


With the modern lifestyle (i.e., lack of physical activity), the cases of obesity and overweight have been on the rise. The numbers have been tripling—denying many a healthy life. WHO recorded that 4 in every 10 adults (1.9) are overweight. This means that the intake of sugar-dense foods is high. So, what’s the best way to curb this?

Keto diet is one of the eating ways that’s gaining so much popularity around the world— shown by google trends. It includes the intake of low carbs and high fats which in return offers the promise of weight loss among many other benefits. Additionally, a meal that gets a body into a ketosis state can still be classified as a keto diet.

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Types of keto diet

With it moving in tandem, there has been emersion of several versions. And choosing the right one is one of the few factors you should consider—others being your goal, health history and activity level. Here are a few that may work for you.

Which type is best for you?

1. Athletes

The Targeted keto is the recommended one if you are an athlete looking for ways to improve your performance. In this type, you need to keep on with the keto diet up until 30-45 minutes before doing your exercise. This will be followed by eating 25g of carbs which are enough to keep your body fueled.

The carbs alone will ensure that after you are all cooled down your body can easily go back to ketosis. One of the things that you should cut off from your meal is calories.

2. Those having a hard time sticking to the diet

Staying on the keto diet can be tough. Fortunately, the Cyclical keto diet version is specifically made for this. You basically, need to stay on diet for five days and two days for eating carbs. The carb days entirely depends on you— but to be sure don’t go overboard.

3. A healthy heart!

A healthy heart is the way to go. It is what everybody wants and amazingly the Mediterranean Keto diet offers that. It includes two eating approaches: emphasizing elements such as fatty fish and olive oil (Mediterranean diet) while still sticking to macro amounts of standard keto.

How does it work? The catch in this type of keto diet is the quality of fats that are consumed. Examples include the anti-inflammatory (omega-3s) and monounsaturated fatty acids that lower LDL cholesterol.

4. Organic and healthy foods

Clean keto is a dietary that is mainly based on offering the healthiest food versions. This may include whole plants food, organic, cold-pressed, pasture-raised and grass-fed. Clean keto is mainly best for people whose main focus is on macro tracking and quality food.

5. Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders require proteins— thus the high-protein keto diet. They should be either animal-based or plant-based. In this type, you will need to take in proteins which add up to 30% of calories, 5% of carbs while the remaining 65% from fat.

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The keto diet versions discussed above are great, but the involvement of a registered dietitian or a health company like KetoLean is necessary to make Keto diet easy. And what’s even more important is that you assess your body reaction to the diet and decide if it’s working out for you or not.

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