5 Best Watch Brands That Are Worth The Money


People generally love good watches and would be willing to spend a good amount of money to get one. Good timepieces help in polishing a man’s appearance while offering cues about their character and personality. 

Today, there are watch brands that are definitely worth our money, all we need to know is to find out which ones can complement whatever we wear and give real value in exchange for them.  

Here are some of the best watch brands that are worth the money in 2021. 

1. Patek Nautilus

If watches and fashion are parents, Patek Nautilus will be their first son. This brand offers users a real deal in watches. From 1839, its swiss makers were able to make no fewer than one million of these watches. In other words, it is not your regular watch. Its scarcity makes it unique, so getting one makes you high-level, and that is why you should value it. 

Even with its growing demand, the manufacturers take their time, say nine months, to make some of their basic watches. But complicated watches usually take two years to produce. Imagine wearing a watch that its makers take enough time to produce, it will be nothing other than a valuable timepiece.

This company has a great historical or archive system. Most of their collectors or buyers who use it are archived in their database. Celebrities, heads of states and governments, even members of royal families have their names and titles archived.

In their production or craftsmanship, they take their time. Their watch cases are not cast and machine-finished, but they are made from solid gold and platinum. It is the most expensive wristwatch ever auctioned in Asia. 

The features of this watch make it one to reckon with. It gives the collector confidence and worth every dime spent on it.

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2. Rolex

Users of Rolex will tell you how reliable and functional they can be. They have a relentless niche for getting a job near perfect, and always improving on everything they put out in the watch market.

They use steel that is not used by others which can be expensive and complicated to machine steel. Before making watches, they consult lots and numerous geologists, and all dive watches are to be tested individually. It takes the brand one year before they make one watch. 

They are versatile, unlike other watch brands. They use steel that is not used by others. We mean high-end steel, more complicated than machine steel. These watches are designed in a way that they can withstand the daily rigors of life even when used in extreme conditions by sportsmen. They are said to make more than 800,000 watches each year. 

They are a reputable watch franchise that can be reckoned with. The world’s celebrities are usually seen with Rolex and its exotic brands. They began making Rolex watches for men and women from 904L stainless steel. 

3. Hublot

Anyone that gets a Hublot watch is guaranteed excellence, durability, and an investment that can appreciate as years go by. It is another good watch brand you would not regret going for and bringing out cash for is a Hublot watch. Even though it is hard as steel, it offers the same look, luxury, and value as gold. 

They are unceasingly researching new materials and a combination as an innovator within the watch industry. For Hublot, materials are an integral part of their watches’ design. Anyone that gets a Hublot watch is guaranteed top quality, durable and appreciable timepiece capable of translating into value as years go by.

4. Omega

Its longevity and aesthetic appeal come from its creation and use of materials. A former US president John F Kennedy has worn this watch during his presidency, and up till now, the excellent quality poised by Omega is still the same. Its value has grown due to its maker’s innovations of styles and patterns. It essentially gives value to your money.

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5. Tag Heuer

They make high-precision sports watches. Its exterior robustness makes it a brand that can make it withstand conditions like temperature and other extreme situations. This brand has been making great watches for a long time, including mechanical, quartz, and tourbillon watches.

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In Conclusion

Owning a great wristwatch comes with an assurance that you can conveniently make a good impression of yourself. But this also means that you must give real value to it, whether it is high-end or low-cost.

Are you contemplating going to that jewelry shop to get a good watch for an occasion and you’re bothered about what to wear? If you have made a budget for a wristwatch, this list of timepieces is all you need to make a great choice. Each of them is worth its values and features. You can check out these brands online when you visit The Watch Company.  

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