5 Best Bars in Sutherland Shire


A location well known for its range of great bars and pubs, we’re going to take a closer look at the best bars in Sutherland Shire. We’ll focus on a range of options for everyone, from the more relaxed social spots of the area to the characterful and lively hangouts.

1.  Mias Cronulla German Beerhall

2/45 Gerrale St, Cronulla, New South Wales 2230 Australia

There are few types of establishments as welcoming and warm as the German-style beerhall and Mias Cronulla brings all the comfort, thirst-quenching pints, and fat portions of hearty German food that you could ask for. A warm atmosphere, cosy design, and great food make this a perfect family stop, as well as a great place to relax with a pint at the end of the day.

2.  Mike’s Bar and Grill

45 East Pde The Royal Hotel, New South Wales 2232 Australia

The standard grill and bar can the perfect spot to rest and recuperate after a tough week and Mike’s is easily one of the best in the area, not just for delicious food and prompt drink serving. Customers of Mike’s will regularly name the fantastic service of the welcoming staff as one of the main highlights, as well as a host of pub grub meals that go well beyond.

3.  Cronulla RSL

38 Gerrale St, Cronulla, New South Wales 2230 Australia

One of the trendier, more modern styled spots in the area, Cronulla RSL is a social club well situated at the gorgeous coastline. It’s convenient and delicious, from the range of cocktails available to the quick bites that you can grab while stopping by to catch whatever sport is on the TV. Given its placement on the coast, it also makes for an excellent place to explore the rest of the Cronulla area.

4.  The Como Grill

35 Cremona Rd, Como, New South Wales 2226 Australia

Based in a historic hotel that looms large over the town of Como and is a bit of a landmark in and of itself, the Como Grill is one of the more relaxed and easy-going spots of the town. The restaurant offers a great view of the town with freshly made grilled grub and balcony seats to enjoy the fresh air. One of the more popular spots the town so you might want to check ahead for reservations on the more highly trafficked days, such as the weekends.

5.  Croydon Lane Wine and Tapas Bar

For a more lively atmosphere and a bit more of a European flair, you can find yourself at this Wine and Tapes Bar, which very much brings the spirit of the Mediterranean from the food to the decor. One of the better spots in the area for a date or a weekend night out with a few friends, it offers great live music, a complete cocktail menu and easy-to-grab food to help you fuel the night’s exploits.

With plenty of hangout spots for personalities of all kinds, the social side makes for a great lifestyle in the Sutherland Shire.

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