5 Awesome Scheduling Hacks to Increase Employee Engagement


Did you know? On average, employees are guilty of wasting three hours of their 8-hour workday.

What does this mean for your business? Well, it means the 3-hours worth of loss, i.e., 37.5 percent of your investments going down in waste.

You don’t want that. Do you?

So, here’s a list of 5 awesome scheduling hacks to increase employee engagement and put those wasted hours to use!

1.    Call Off Meetings

Meetings often consume the biggest and most productive parts of work-time schedules for most workers. And hence, we ask you to reconsider.

Gone are the days when we needed to sit together and make crucial decisions now and then. The world is very fast-paced and mobile today.

Instead of occupying hours of your workforce to discuss things, you can create rooms on work apps like Slack and ask for their input. As soon as they check it out, they will drop their suggestions.

Hence, your hours-long meetings will shorten to merely 1-5 minutes. And if it is a back-to-back conversation, it will take your 10-15 minutes collectively. Or even better, you can call everybody for a quick zoom session right from their desks, so they can easily slip back into work as soon as they put down the call.

2.    Use Cool Scheduling Apps

Another way of increasing employee engagement is to provide them with an environment and tools that keep them intrigued, i.e., things that make them enjoy and own their work.

But along with the fun element, the tools you use should also ensure efficiency.

One such tool that combines both is TrackTime24. You can check it out at tracktime24.com. The tool enables convenient scheduling and monitoring of your team. You can create a detailed and comprehensive schedule, assign positions and tasks, and track the time they spend on completing their jobs.

It keeps them accountable. And hence, they don’t revert to wasting time gossiping with workmates or browsing online. Plus, the user interface is pretty cool. It’s colorful and neat. Hence, it keeps users intrigued and focused.

3.    Give them Enough Breaks

If you don’t schedule breaks, you’re not scheduling smartly. According to standards, every employee should get a break of at least 15-20 minutes in a 6-8 hours shift.

If the work is intensive, you can schedule a 10-15 minutes break after every two hours. They can perform better with relaxed and refreshed minds.

4.    Time Friendly Reminders

A schedule is useless if you don’t put it into effect. And hear us out: No workplace ever makes it to smooth implementation without a push.

You will need to remind your employees to focus and complete assigned tasks. But since that can be hectic, we recommend scheduling reminders along with tasks. Usually, employee scheduling apps and tools offer this feature and automatically set up reminders. If your preferred app doesn’t offer this feature, you can set up virtual reminders.

5.    Schedule Appreciation & Recognition Too!

Lastly, we recommend scheduling events, schedules, and lunch parties too. You can arrange events like a “Voting Session or Employee Recognition Ceremony for the Best Employee of the Month” or perhaps an office-sponsored lunch at a fancy restaurant.

When you do so, your employee will look up the schedule more than usual. They will keep a track of things they want to avail of, and as a consequence, they will check up and abide by their daily tasks too.

Final Thoughts

The approaches mentioned above involve operational and behavioral changes. Adopting these may take a bit of effort, but it won’t take much time. Once you adopt these, you will see positive results in no time. So, we recommend putting these to practice as soon as possible! visit here https://prnt.sc/3TYEIcpJLZbb

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