5 Adventure Sports Activities in Sikkim


Sikkim, bordered by Bhutan and Nepal, is a northeastern paradise in the Himalayas. Sikkim is home to many adventure sports, including snow-clad mountains and meandering roads. The mountain state is also known for its clean and quaint towns, delicious food, beautiful surroundings, and tourist attractions. Adventure sports are also available in India. These adventure sports are available in Sikkim tour packages if you’re planning to visit this state. River Rafting Put on your jacket and helmet before you get into your raft to face the river rafting challenges in Sikkim. Rafting in the icy waters of River Teesta or River Rangit is an unforgettable experience. Activity is suitable for all beginners and experienced people.

River Rangit tributary of River Teesta, has grades ranging from 2 to 4. They are well-known for their intensity and rapids. These rivers’ banks are lined with dense jungles, small mountain hamlets, and areas with terrace farming. Camping is also available on the banks of these rivers. These camps are well-equipped and set up on white sand.

Rafting on the Teesta River begins in Makha and continues down to Sirwani, passing via Rangpo. Rafting on the River Rangit begins from Sikip, continues to Nayabazar, and concludes at Malli. It is the best time to go between May and November. Best time for rafting in Sikkim: March-May Difficulty level: From easy to intense Tip: To avoid slippage on wet surfaces, make sure your rafting shoes are well-priced. For gripping efficiency, you can also get waterproof gloves. Mountain Biking Mountain biking is ideal for the state’s rugged terrain, which is a relatively new activity. Enjoy the stunning views of Sikkim’s snow-clad mountains as you mountain bike in the state. You will also enjoy the tranquillity and learn more about Sikkimese culture. This outdoor adventure combines sightseeing, trekking, and other unforgettable experiences. This activity is best done between April and May and mid-September through October.

Sikkim paragliding

Do you appreciate the concept of flying through the air like a free bird? Paragliding in Sikkim is a great option if this appeals to you. The Himalayan scenery and lush environs will leave you speechless. Operators offer tandem flights, and there is no need to be certified. The paragliding expert will accompany you and help you navigate the flight safely. Only you will need to help with takeoff and landing. The weight limit for takeoff and landing is 90 km. Paragliding can be divided into two types: Medium Fly or High Fly. The first type has a flying time of approximately 5-10 minutes and an altitude of 1300- 1400m. The takeoff location is 2200m with a flying time of about half an hour. Paragliding is best enjoyed between March and June and September through November. Paragliding is a popular adventure sports activity. The city of Gangtok is the greatest! In India, June is the best time to visit. You will find a variety of operators at the location of training.

Rock Climbing in Sikkim

Sikkim Rock climbing is the perfect activity for those who are strong both mentally and physically. The climber’s agility, ability, and balance are the essential aspects. Operators have all of the necessary equipment, but they must be trained. Bulbulay Dara, Gangtok, is a hotbed of this activity. Before you can enjoy this adrenaline rush, you’ll need some experience.

IHCAE (institute of rock climbing) offers a variety of climbing routes for climbers at different levels. There are many programs available for rock climbers from 20 feet up to 80 feet. This activity is best done between March and May, mid-September to mid-November.

There are two types of rock climbing that is Artificial rock climbing and natural rock climbing. Artificial rock climbing is indoor climbing on a rocky wall. The session lasts approximately 2 hours. It can be done bare Rock climbing in South Sikkim at Chemchey. The age limit is between 10 and 60 years. Advanced Rock Climbing is open to anyone between 16 and 50 years old.

Trekking in Sikkim

Sikkim, a northeastern state, offers the most memorable trekking experiences. Each trek in Sikkim is a one-of-a-kind adventure. It is known for its beautiful landscapes, unspoiled scenery, snow-clad mountains, verdant fields, gushing waterfalls, and sleepy hamlets. Friendly locals, exotic wildlife, and old monasteries are just some of the many floras found here. It is an excellent activity for adventure seekers, regardless of difficulty level. Many popular Sikkim trekking routes, including Sandakphu Trek and Goecha La Trek, Kanchenjunga Trek, and Singalia Trek. Before you go winter trekking in India, make sure you’re physically and emotionally prepared, and that you have all of the essential gear, including clothing, food, and guides. The optimum months to participate in this adventure sport in Sikkim are April to May and October to November.

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