4 Tips To Keep Wildlife Out Of Your Home


 It’s great to observe wildlife, however, it’s important to remember that it’s wild. Thus, you’ll want to learn how to observe wildlife from a distance. Here are four ways for dog owners to protect themselves and their pets from a potential invasion. they can also cause great harm via teeth, claws, or even by other methods. Here we’ll take a look at four ways to protect yourself from wildlife while still enjoying them from a distance and protecting your home from a potential invasion. 

1. Secure Your Trash Can

Many areas have a lot of animals that love to prowl through garbage cans. To help reduce this tempting taste treat, secure your garbage can lid. Don’t make it easy for animals to check out what goodies you may have leftover from dinner or from cleaning the fridge out. Secure the lid tightly and if need be store your trash can in a garage or enclosed area to help prevent animals from being able to break into the can. You may also wish to consider locking or secure lids that attach firmly to garbage cans. 

2. Don’t Feed Them

If you feed them, they will come. Wild animals, such as prairie dogs, marmots, etc., can be absolutely adorable. However, don’t let yourself be fooled. They are getting plenty of food out in the wild. If they become dependent on humans for their source of food, they’re going to lose their sense of caution around traffic and humans. Feeding them actually puts them at a greater risk for danger. It’s vital to avoid feeding them. Also, if you’re feeding your pets outside, make sure that you’re with them while they eat, and that you’re picking up any leftovers to avoid wildlife from coming in and retrieving them. If you begin to see raccoons or other wildlife around trying to get into trash cans, your house, or pet food dishes, especially during daylight hours, it’s time to call a Wildlife Removalist Service. 

3. Protect Your Garden Features And Water Features

Koi ponds, water features with fish, and other pond features may look like a delicious fast food restaurant for wildlife. You may wish to consider an electric fence or other means to secure the area around your pond or other water features. Raccoons simply adore water and love to wash their food before dining. Fish and crawdads are a delicious treat for them. It’s like an open invitation to dinner and they’ll come if they smell it. Add to this a delicious garden treat such as fresh fruit and vegetables and you’re sure to have a visit from a raccoon or other predator. Use proper fencing to protect your garden and keep overripe foods picked so that animals don’t wander in seeking a quick bite to eat. 

4. Close Entry’s

Close off crawl spaces and other small openings, even if they appear too small. An opening the size of a quarter or even a nickel can be an open invitation for bats, mice, and other small rodents. Close off any spaces, gaps, or holes to avoid unwanted visitors. Seal them off with a mesh, caulk, board, or other items that will close off the area. Keep in mind that even raccoons can easily fit through areas as small as four inches. 

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