4 Tips for Spicing Up Your Relationship


Maintaining excitement in your relationship can be hard at times. After all, juggling a partnership and your day-to-day life is difficult on its own! You probably don’t have time to spend days alone with each other. Fortunately, there are many ways to rejuvenate your connection without taking an overly long vacation. If you’re wondering how, here are four tips for spicing up your relationship.

1. Wear Matching Clothes

This tip may seem a bit cheesy, but it can be a great way to have some fun as a couple. There are many different types of matching couples clothing, so you can choose a type that matches your personalities. If you guys love humor and aren’t shy in public, you can get t-shirts with funny dialogue. For example, think of the shirts with arrows pointing at each other and witty captions. If you two are more subtle, you can simply get the same pattern for your clothing. And, if you guys want to have fun while staying private, you can get matching underwear for couples! Wearing the same clothes creates a physical connection between you two and is a classic couple’s activity.

2. Plan Surprises

One reason that many relationships start to feel stale is a lack of surprises. Feeling as though you know everything about your significant other can seem anti-climactic, especially if your relationship has settled into a routine. You can break out of this slump by surprising each other. Plan small, unexpected gestures for your partner that disrupt the day-to-day flow. Perhaps you can bring the other out to lunch unexpectedly or have a surprise date night. Just be sure that the gesture isn’t disruptive. Tickets to Europe may be amazing, but making such a large decision without asking is unlikely to be well-received.

3. Stop Using Devices

Technology has become a regular part of daily life. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship (in which case this tip isn’t for you), using it may be taking time away from your bonding. In order to combat this, you can try spending a day together without your devices. This isn’t to say that you should completely revert to a Little House on the Prairie lifestyle, but try not to text people or use any apps during the day. Instead, spend the time talking and doing activities with each other. If you need a break, you can always read together or complete a fun solo project.

4. Make Traditions

Consider how excited you get for the holidays or Halloween. That excitement can be added to your relationship by creating new traditions. This may translate into a multitude of activities, so several different traditions could be formed. If you want something easy and delicious, try making one day of the week a favorite food day. For instance, you could have a spaghetti night on Wednesday or a pizza lunch on Saturday. If you two love outings, you could visit a certain place on the weekend. The beach is always a great option! In the event that you two are extremely busy, just make your new traditions a monthly or even yearly event. 

Keeping a relationship vibrant is rarely an easy task. It’s natural to settle into your partnership and find a regular routine. However, maintaining some of the spark from your honeymoon phase is vital for continued excitement. You may not still feel breathless when you look at your significant other, but you’ll want to maintain the joy of being together. Try a few of these options and see what clicks. Relationships take work, so put the time in and be romantic!

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