4 things to study before you take your AED certification test!


Before you take your AED and CPR certification test, you need to make sure that you are well-versed in the safety and health protocols regarding your workplace and client safety. Avoid any accidents and injuries from causing lawsuits or damage your business by being prepared ahead of time – after all, accidents and injuries do happen, especially if you are working in a healthcare setting. Let’s see a few things you should study before taking your AED certification test so you can have a basic knowledge of what you will have to study, how to prepare for your exam, and how to keep your clients and customers safe!

4 things to study before taking your AED certification

Adult and child choking

One of the most important aspects you should study when it comes to taking your AED certification test is adult or child choking. You need to know how to identify the signs of choking, how to immediately act and clear their airway, and how to administer help until the ambulance arrives on the scene. Adult and child choking is very common in certain industry sectors, such as the restaurant industry, cafes, schools, and other instances in which children may put objects into their mouths. Knowing what to do if a child swallows something is to save their lives and keep them healthy until help arrives.

Swimming and water safety

Another aspect that you should consider taking when it comes to your AED certification from MyCPR NOW is learning swimming and water safety. If you work in a summer camp, gym, swimming pool in the summer, or another location that is close to water, you may find that people are frequently going in and out of water – and you are in charge of protecting them. As a lifeguard, you need to know the basics of CPR, AED training, and other measures to help protect your clients.

First aid trauma

Another important aspect to study when it comes to earning your certification is first aid and trauma. Make sure you know how to administer CPR, how to address a wound, bandage someone’s wound, or take care of an injury by administering immediate first aid after an accident. Sometimes you will have to address someone’s wound before you use an AED to help their heart and their breathing.

How to use the AED machine

Another component of earning your AED certification is being able to use the AED machine. Although this can seem basic, many people do not know how to use the AED machine, meaning they will not be able to use it in the case of an emergency. If you’re trying to earn your AED certification, learning how to use the machine is key to being able to help save someone in the event of an accident or injury.


Learning how to use the AED machine, how to identify signs of an accident, and how to keep people and children safe is key to keeping clients, patients, and employees healthy and safe.

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