4 secrets for japanese longevity


Japanese people live a long life

The Japanese are known to have a long life span, in other words, a longer life than other people of the world. Apparently, there is a secret recipe behind it. The way of life of the inhabitants of the country of rising sun is believed to be the reason. So, how exactly do Japanese people live so that they can live a long life?

Japan is known to be the country with the most centenarians, people who can live to be over 100 years old. This may make many people feel envious, because living a long life with a good level of health can be a dream for many people. Living a healthy and loving life turns out to be one of the reasons  why Japanese people live longer. To make it clearer, let’s take a peek at the country’s longevity recipe!

Get to know the secret of Japanese longevity

Many Japanese people are known to have a long life, and accompanied by a good level of health. In the Okinawa region of Japan, there are even hundreds of residents who still live to be over 100 years old. With all these things, it turns out that the method is not difficult and can actually be done by anyone. Here’s a secret recipe for longevity that the Japanese can emulate!

Eat Healthy food

Eating habit is in fact a very influential thing for the health of the body, and it is well understood by residents of Japan. Japanese people are accustomed to consuming fresh food products and do not eat processed foods frequently. In fact, school children there are accustomed to bringing lunch boxes that are processed at home.

Japanese people are known to regularly consume seasonal vegetables and fruits. In addition, they also rarely miss seafood. This type of food is undoubtedly beneficial for the health of the body.

Love of Life

One of the values of life that Japanese people uphold is Ikigai. In this concept, they are taught to love life more and live life by doing things that they love. The meaning of this concept can be very broad, but Ikigai is often interpreted as Iki meaning life and Gai meaning reason. In other words, Ikigai can be interpreted as the concept of living life for a reason. Generally, the reason for one’s life must be something that one loves, and in fact it is related to high life expectancy. People who live life with love are said to experience less stress and physical illness.


Japanese people are also known to be fond of exercising, one of which is walking. This small activity is in fact very beneficial for maintaining a healthy body, including heart health. Routine walking, coupled with a healthy diet, can help prevent obesity. Being overweight or obese can trigger various diseases to attack.

Easy Access to Healthcare

Access to healthcare in Japan is known to be very easy. In fact, this is also related to the high life expectancy of its population. Having good and easily accessible health services makes Japanese residents healthier and rarely suffer from chronic diseases or diseases that are not realized.

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