4 Reasons Why Owning a Mobile Mechanic Franchise May Be Right For You


After years of working for someone else, it’s time to have a business of your own. Given your background in auto mechanics, putting those skills to good use is an easy decision. Rather than operate a traditional auto repair shop, why not look into the benefits associated with owning and operating a mobile mechanic franchise as your business of choice? Along with the support you would get as a franchise owner, here are some other reasons this could be the ideal choice.

Offering an Option That Others Do Not

By taking some time to evaluate the local market, you quickly discover one key factor: no one is really offering much in the way of mobile auto repair services. Other then towing and possibly windshield replacement, there’s plenty of room for growth. In other words, you have the potential to fill a niche that’s far from overcrowded.

Consider how many people would love to have a mechanic come to their homes and make repairs in the driveway. You can also consider how many would love to have a professional change the oil and manage other basics while the car is in the parking lot at work. It saves them time and certainly allows you to enjoy a steady flow of work.

Expanding Your Potential Customer Base

There are all sorts of ways to get the word out about your business. Many of them cost little to nothing. You can begin by setting up social media accounts and encourage people to begin following them. A basic website may already be part of the package that the franchisor offers to you. With a little customization, it can also be a powerful tool to attract attention.

Don’t overlook the advantage that older methods like handing out brochures or posting notices on community bulletin boards can also help spread the word. Before you know it, there may be plenty of people who are willing to give your business a try. Once they like what you do, they will also provide the positive word of mouth that helps the business grow.

Relatively Low Overhead

With a mobile mechanic franchise, there’s a lot of control over your operational expenses. A completely mobile solution means you don’t have to maintain a physical shop; everything that you need is contained in the van you use to call on your customers. Consider the amount that you save in monthly overhead by operating a fully mobile operation.

This allows you to invest more of your profits back into purchasing the best tools and equipment. It also means that you may be in a position to eventually hire a few more mechanics, equip them with vans, and cover more territory. All the while, your overhead remains lower than the typical auto repair shop.

The Ability to Manage Your Time More Efficiently

Being a franchise owner means that you don’t have to ask a boss for time off when you need to see a dentist or a doctor. It also means you have control over when to take a few vacation days or carve out time to attend your child’s recital or sporting event. All you have to do is put the activity on your schedule, then ensure your work responsibilities are set up around those times.

Consider how this can improve your quality of life. You can spend more time with the family, get away when you need a rest, and in general not stress out about being free to seek medical care when it’s needed.

Look closely at the franchise opportunity and what it entails. Ask questions and listen closely to the responses provided by the franchisor. If this seems to be the right way to earn a living for you, sign up. A year from now, you’ll be glad that you did.

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