4 Reasons to Consider Curb Appeal Even if You Aren’t Selling


There’s a common misconception that only sellers need to worry about curb appeal. The thinking goes that the only reason one undertakes aesthetic upgrades is in the hopes of fetching a greater asking price on the market. That’s wrong for a couple of reasons.

First of all, value-adding projects help you in the long run, even if you don’t intend to sell immediately. Secondly, curb appeal isn’t just about gussying up your home for sale. There are several related benefits to undertaking projects commonly associated with curb appeal, like replacing your windows, doors and siding.

In this article, let’s explore four compelling reasons – none of which concern selling – to consider improving your home’s curb appeal.

Express Your Homeowner Pride

The first and perhaps most basic reason to improve curb appeal is to take pride in your home. Your house is an extension of your personality, values, tastes and lifestyle. Beautifying your home allows you to express your individuality and make it more enjoyable.

Every time you pull into your driveway after a long day of work, or head home following a jog around the block, you should feel a sense of pride that this is your place. Adding a new front door, replacement windows, new siding, and landscaping can increase your homeowner pride. It may even make you the envy of the block!

Use It as an Excuse to Increase Energy Efficiency

Common curb appeal renovations like window and door replacement offer great opportunities for improving energy efficiency.

Windows alone are responsible for roughly 30% of residential heat loss and heat gain. Replacing your windows with energy-efficient, low emissivity windows from a manufacturer like Golden Windows (who are dedicated to making energy-efficient products) can save you money on your monthly energy bills. A new front door can have a similar effect, as can new siding.

Credit: Viktor Birkus Via Pixabay 

Add More Light and Air

In addition to being more energy-efficient, new windows also add more light and breeziness to your home. Low-emissivity glass (mentioned above) minimizes infrared and ultra-violet light without compromising the amount of natural light your home receives. You may also use a window replacement as an opportunity to install larger windows, increasing the amount of sunshine in your house.

Natural light has numerous health benefits. It facilitates your body’s vitamin D production, which is responsible for healthy bones, lower blood pressure and increased protection against various diseases. And it also helps you regulate your sleep schedule. So, not only will new windows improve your curb appeal, but they may also make your family healthier.

Help Your Neighbours

Finally, improving curb appeal helps your neighbours. Just because you’re staying put, it doesn’t mean your neighbours are. Your house’s curb appeal is part of the overall aesthetic of the neighbourhood, and can have an impact in boosting the area’s overall desirability. Again, that’s also good news for you in the long run, should you decide to sell eventually.

To recap, renovations associated with curb appeal, like window and door replacement and siding replacement, aren’t just beauty for beauty’s sake. They can also increase homeowner pride, improve energy efficiency, add more natural light, and beautify the whole neighbourhood.

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