4 Notable differences between online lottery and Paper lottery


Lottery was in existence long before the internet came into existence. The first form of lottery involves using tickets, pens, long queues, long waiting hours, etc. However, due to the internet’s discovery and the advancement in technology, แทงหวยออนไลน์ has taken over the dominance of paper lottery, especially among the younger folks. The Online lottery is a diversion from the contemporary ways of lottery. Here we use a lottery app on smartphones or personal computers, the internet rather than paper tickets, email notifications rather than television announcements, etc.

Although Online lottery seems to be dominating the paper lottery, some people still argue in favor of the paper lottery. Some say it gives room for interaction; it provides a natural feeling of gambling just like it has been since its inception. Some say it reduces the chances of being scammed by lottery companies online etc.

Which one do you then think is a better option of the two? From my inclination, I would like to point out some clear advantages the Online lottery has over the paper lottery.

1. Anonymity and Security

The fact that one can easily play a lottery game from one’s device without any other person knowing about it has ensured the lottery player’s anonymity to a very great extent. One can easily win millions of dollars in the Online lottery and withdrawal it straight into your bank account without the fear of insecurity because others know how much you just won.

2. Convenience

Online lottery is a very convenient option that allows a player to play right from their comfort zone, without stress, at their own time and anywhere of your choice rather than being geographically restricted to some specific confines. With the Online lottery, you can easily register a bank account from which your transaction charges would be debited. You can also register an account where your lottery winnings can easily go without any stress or third party.

3. Email Notifications for lottery winnings

Unlike the conventional ways where a player would have to check back with the lottery agent/vendor to verify if you have won or not, or a player might have to stay tuned to a television set so as the listen to the announcements, with the Online lottery option, you can easily play you lottery and move on with the businesses of the day with the assurance that you will get an immediate email notification once you’ve won. Your prize could be directly transferred into your accounts.

4. Random Selections

An Online lottery presents the players with an automatic selection of random numbers when in doubt. Although some offline outlets also offer such options, it is not as rampant as it is in online lotteries.


From the listed points above, one would easily be convinced that Online lottery is the best, but that is not to say offline lottery doesn’t have its advantage also. The significant difference between the two lottery options is the location of the lottery tickets. While one can quickly be done on the phone, the other has to be in a specific area with identity and verification.

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