4 Expert Tips for Managing a Remote Team of Software Engineers


Managing a team of software engineers can be challenging. You must coordinate product deadlines, manage individual team members, and delegate tasks effectively. All of these responsibilities are a major undertaking, and the challenge is exacerbated when you’re dealing with the limitations of the virtual workforce. You need to manage your team and ensure that everybody gets the support they need, but it can be difficult when you can’t meet in person. Luckily, you can break down the barrier of the virtual office by investing in Zoom Immersive View templates. The Immersive View setting makes it easier to communicate with your teammates — even if you feel as though you’re separated by the distance of a screen.

Document Procedures

  1. Establish a clear protocol for all meetings. When you’re managing a remote team that’s working on a major project — like a software rollout — you need to set clear expectations for team members. It’s also important that you document those procedures. When you’re leading a meeting, you should delegate tasks to team members, such as the note taker, timekeeper, facilitator, and commitment keeper. Delegating each of these roles to a specific team member and documenting their responsibilities can ensure that everybody is on the same page and everybody is held accountable.
  2. Create an agenda for every meeting. Another great way to keep everybody on track is to create an agenda for every single meeting. If you’re having meetings just for the sake of having meetings, it’s time to reassess your priorities and decide how you can make the most of the time you’re using. An agenda ensures that everybody’s responsibilities are clearly identified and nobody’s time is being wasted. You can further upgrade the experience by investing in a virtual background with logo. A custom background creates a sense of collaboration that can make your meetings inspired.

Make Connection a Focal Point

  1. Make time for every member of your team. In the virtual world, it’s easy for team members to feel overlooked. The constraints of the virtual workplace indeed limit the level of individual attention that a team leader may be able to provide to every person. Despite this challenge, it’s important to invest in building genuine connections with your colleague and offering them the recognition that they deserve. This may mean taking a moment at the beginning of each meeting to give thanks for a specific team member’s efforts.
  2. Applaud and reward collaboration. The importance of collaboration should not be overlooked in the virtual workplace — especially when you’re working on a major project like a piece of software. It may seem difficult for a team of remote software engineers to collaborate effectively, but you can facilitate this by coordinating meetings between team members and ensuring that they have the support they need to move the project forward. When you’re setting up meetings, be sure that you satisfy the Zoom system requirements for virtual background. With the right background and attitude, you can incentivize genuine collaboration throughout your team.

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