4 Benefits of Using Fixed Blade Broadheads On Your Crossbows


When selecting the perfect crossbow broadheads, you have two main choices – mechanical and fixed blade broadheads. While each type of broadhead is popular, this article will focus on the benefits of using fixed-blade broadheads on your crossbows.

Fixed blade broadheads have gained popularity over the years due to their superior performance and reliability. Here are four benefits of using fixed-blade options that you should consider when selecting crossbow broadheads.

1 – Years Of Field Experience & Testing Have Given The Nod To Fixed Blade Broadheads

Fixed blade broadheads have been the go-to choice of hunters for years because of their consistent performance in the field. Experienced hunters have tested and tried different types of broadheads and have found that fixed-blade broadheads are the most reliable and consistent for hunting big game animals.

Fixed-blade broadheads are simple in construction; they have a fixed blade welded to the ferrule, enhancing their durability and strength. Unlike mechanical broadheads, you won’t need to do any blade tuning, which ensures a secure strike every time.

2 – They Guarantee Good Arrow Flight

Fixed-blade broadheads are designed to guarantee good arrow flight when shot from a crossbow. They possess a low profile, which means they create minimal wind resistance as they fly through the air. This low profile, in turn, results in a straight and accurate trajectory.

Also, the center of gravity of the fixed blade broadhead is closer to the arrow’s tip than mechanical broadheads, making them more stable in flight. As a result, they fly straighter and penetrate deeper, which is what you want when taking down big game.

3 – Fixed Blade Broadheads Don’t Bend And Break

Mechanical broadheads are more prone to bending or breaking when they come into contact with hard surfaces. In addition, due to their moving parts, mechanical broadheads can sustain internal damages that result in unforeseen blade malfunctions.

On the other hand, fixed-blade broadheads don’t have any moving parts, and their blades extend straight from the tip of the arrowhead. This structure enhances their resilience and prevents them from bending or breaking easily, which is essential when hunting big game animals.

4 – Fixed Blade Broadheads Are More Affordable Than Mechanical Broadheads

Crossbow hunting can be expensive, with equipment prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. But when it comes to broadheads, using fixed-blade ones on your crossbow can be a game-changer for your wallet. Unlike their mechanical counterparts, fixed blades don’t require any complicated mechanisms or extra parts, making them much more affordable.

And let’s not forget that simplicity often equals reliability. Using fixed broadheads means fewer things can go wrong during the shot, leading to more successful hunts and less money wasted on damaged or lost games. So, when considering what type of broadhead to use on your crossbow, remember that going fixed can mean staying within budget while still getting the job done.

The Many Benefits Of Fixed Blade Broadheads: In Closing

In summary, fixed-blade broadheads are excellent for crossbow hunters who want reliable and consistent performance when hunting big games. They offer several advantages regarding arrow flight, durability, and affordability.

While they may not be as flashy as mechanical broadheads, fixed-blade broadheads give you the confidence to make that perfect shot every time. Invest in a fixed-blade broadhead for an unforgettable hunting experience the next time you go hunting with a crossbow.

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