4 benefits of Lavender for Your Health


With all the pressures of work, family and other everyday stressors, you need a way to relax and find a calm atmosphere in your home. Lavender is proven to have a calming effect and is a natural solution that is inexpensive and easy to find. There are many benefits that lavender can have for your health and a variety of ways to make use of it. Here are some ideas of how you can bring a sense of calm and relaxation into your life.

1. Helps Control Pain

Studies have shown that using lavender as an essential oil can reduce pain from headaches and menstrual cramps and cut down inflammation. Lavender oils, such as Young Living Essential Oils, can be used in a variety of ways. You can add some to bath water for a soothing soak that helps your body and fills your bathroom with a lovely scent. It can also be mixed with other oils, such as coconut oil, and used for massage. Whether you add some to water to bath in or mix it with other oil to massage in your skin, it can help reduce the pain caused by headaches and menstrual cramping.

2. Reduces Anxiety

One of the most common ways to benefit from lavender is to use it in aromatherapy. In this way, you can enhance the air in your home with a scent that is proven to reduce anxiety and promote calmness. It can reduce blood pressure and has been linked to lessening depression. Lavender is used in many products for babies to soothe them, and that works for grown-ups, too. This is an easy, natural way to lift your spirits and share with everyone who comes into your home an atmosphere that is sure to reduce their anxiety and stress. Using lavender in this way not only benefits your health but the health of your family and friends, too. In addition to being utilized as an oil, lavender can be used in aromatherapy as a soap or as potpourri.

3. Promotes Sleep

Lavender has been linked to promoting an increase in melatonin levels, which helps you sleep better. This is another component of why it is used with baby products and how it can help them rest better naturally. Your young ones will grow to associate bedtime with the smell of lavender. It will calm them, reduce the stress of the day and improve their melatonin so that their eyes are already closing before you reach the end of the bedtime story. You can put a couple of drops of oil in their bath or use lavender soap to clean them. The oil mixture for massage is also a great option to help your little ones calm down at night or naptime.

4. Useful as a Cleaner

You want your home to be free from as many harmful chemicals as possible and still be able to keep it clean. Lavender contains antiviral and antimicrobial properties and can be used as a cleaner. A few drops of lavender oil, a couple of drops of castile soap, and a little vinegar and water make a great cleaning solution for your home that can be kept in a spray bottle and used for daily cleanup. You will love the way your home smells after cleaning with this solution and will get the aromatherapy benefits of stress reduction as well.

The benefits of lavender can also be found in tea form. You get aromatherapy from the scent of the tea and the reduction of anxiety and inflammation when you enjoy a cup of tea containing lavender. This could be a wonderful option to take if you want to mix up how you experience the benefits of lavender in your home.

There are many ways to reduce anxiety, bring down blood pressure, calm down before bedtime and clean without harmful chemicals, but lavender accomplishes all of these for the betterment of your health from one plant. It is easy to find in essential oils, soaps, dried plants and tea and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. If you take the time to explore all the ways lavender can benefit your health, you are sure to find one that fits your lifestyle.

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