4 Advanced Features Of PDFBear That Can Address Your Document-Related Concerns 


When we have a lot of PDFs that need to be rotated immediately for an urgent presentation, the only thing that we need is the fastest rotation tool that can rotate the files in just a matter of seconds. Hence, we should utilize the most advanced tool from PDFBear that can surely bring you comfort and keep your mind at ease when you need an immediate solution. 

PDFBear allows you to rotate your files based on your desired angle as fast as possible for entirely free. It also assures a safe and convenient method while rotating them. The website is known for featuring top features that can indeed offer you a ton of benefits. These features include the following:

Features An Easy-to-use Display

Rotating multiple PDFs has been made easier with PDFBear’s rotate PDF tool. The website’s incredibly simple display allows files to be rotated immediately without even a single difficulty as long as you are connected to a working internet connection. 

Supports Multiple Platforms

The PDFBear toolbox lets you rotate your PDF files any way you like and save them quickly. All the required procedures can be performed in your browser, regardless of whether you have a Mac, Windows, or Linux. You can also use any type of technological device you currently have. 

PDFBear has a detailed and straightforward interface across devices, regardless of the browsers, operating systems, or devices you use. No wonder hundreds of people prefer to use its service when they badly need immediate action for their files.  In just a few taps, your wish will be granted. Visit the website now and see how it performs its magic. 

Protects User’s Privacy

Apart from being a versatile digital cloud-based tool, PDFBear is also popular for offering the safest and most reliable service. When you use the web to rotate your files, your PDFs will not be stored permanently. After 60 seconds, the site would automatically delete them. All of your records would be confidential to you for your own privacy and protection.

Your privacy and the confidentiality of your files are too important for the website. They can guarantee that all of their users worldwide can keep their minds at peace while using the site’s tool to get their files rotated. There will be no prying eyes that can harm or steal the user’s confidential data. 

Features A Quick And Simple Solution

If you can’t access Adobe Acrobat, application software to view Portable Document Format, this online application is ideal for rotating PDFs. The website offers a fast and easy solution to your problems. 

Unlike other resources that you can search online, PDFBear is a useful website at a fair price. You won’t need to buy full service for other costly file solution solutions just to rotate your papers. You can utilize some of its features for free. Some of these features include the following:

PDF Reader

You can now read, share, and even print all of your PDFs online for free using this tool from PDFBear. PDF Reader gives you a fast way to view your PDFs, and you can print them out after modifying the necessary sections. 

eSign PDF Tool

You can now sign your PDFs digitally using this tool offered by PDFBear free of charge. If you’ve ever had a problem signing contrast, put your trust in PDFBear’s service. With PDFBEAR, this problem can be instantly solved. Sign the PDFs with just a few taps—no need to exert extra effort. The tool will do the whole task without asking you to pay for the service. 

Split PDF Tool

You can effortlessly separate your pages on your PDF and export them to a new file using this split PDF tool from PDFBear. This tool also supports cloud-based systems. Thus, it will not require you to install additional software. 

Repair PDF Tool

This is one of the safest tools online that can get your damaged files fixed and recovered. The framework of the website is going to do its utmost service to recover. However, they will not be able to guarantee a 100% recovery, but they will do their hardest to generate the desired results you will like.


When you need immediate action to rotate your PDFs because your boss or your professor suddenly asked you to present your work to the class, PDFBear’s splitting tool can offer you a helping hand. In just a few taps, everything will be ready for your big presentation. Thus, chin up as PDFBear will help you out. 

For any problems that need an instant solution, let the site fix them. PDFBear also offers various useful tools apart from its splitting feature. All of them are offered for free, but you can also try its membership plan if you like. It also provides you a ton of benefits. 

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