3 Ways To Increase Your Energy Level


These days, everyone is looking for new ways to increase energy levels. In 2022, surely there’s a pill or a drink that can fuel people to levels of superhuman strength and stamina? As it turns out, the tried and true methods of healthy food, adequate hydration, and getting outside and moving your body may give you all the energy you need to feel on top of your game.

Nourish Your Body Before Hitting the Trail

It’s no secret that food is fuel. In fact, the calorie is actually a unit of energy! You literally need calories, or energy, to move. Here’s where it gets interesting, though: where those calories come from matters. Eating a half dozen donuts before a bike ride, for example, may give you an initial spark of get-up-and-go. But sugar inhibits your brain’s product of orexin, the wakefulness hormone — so pretty soon, you’re going to feel tired. Further, your body is going to be working overtime dealing with the blood sugar spike, which is bound to leave you feeling a little sluggish.

Instead of packing in the calories indiscriminately, choose lean proteins, healthy fats, and plenty of veggies and fruits to fuel your ride. This will help give you sustainable energy regardless of your age or how in shape you are. If you think your tiredness is a sign that you’re getting too old for a high-powered ride, check out Sixthreezero’s bicycles for seniors — and be prepared to change your mind!

Carry a Water Bottle for Hydration

When it comes to water’s role in keeping you energized, it’s not necessarily that water itself gives you energy. It’s that dehydration can drain you of your stamina. In fact, even mild dehydration can lower your physical performance. If you’re exercising outside, especially on a warm or sunny day, you’ll also be losing fluids through sweat — so it’s crucial to carry water with you to replenish your fluids. Carry the water you need — as well as other essential cargo — with ease with a tricycle for adults with basket option from Sixthreezero.

Move Your Body

Energy is one of those rare gifts that follows a somewhat counterintuitive rule: The more you spend, the more you have. In other words, energy begets energy. If you’re getting out and going for a ride every day, you’ll have more energy than you knew was possible. Exercise can help you sleep better, it can lift your mood, and it can improve your health. The most important thing is to find something that’s fun for you — that way, you’ll be more likely to do it.

At Sixthreezero, there’s something for everyone, regardless of experience level, body type, or riding style. Whether you’re looking for e-bikes for your older parents or traditional bicycles for short women or anything in between, you’ll find what you’re looking for to help increase energy levels and add a sense of fun to your life or someone else’s. Let the knowledgeable people at Sixthreezero help you find the perfect ride today.

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