3 Tips to Make the Best Sale Advertisement on Real Estate Portals


Classified ads in newspapers are long gone. Nowadays, real estate portals are the most used windows to sell or rent an apartment. One example of this is that, in the second quarter of 2019 alone, 797,077 homes were offered on the main portals. For this reason, if we are thinking of placing the for sale! to our apartment, we can use the advantages offered by these websites such as new Backpage to quickly attract a buyer. In this article we give three basic tips to achieve a star ad.

1) Quality Photos are our Best Cover Letter

To promote our apartment, we must show it in all its splendor and there is nothing better than photographs and videos to do it. Both are the most powerful visual resource we have to seduce that potential buyer who navigates the portals in search of their dream home.

Therefore, we must include enough photos of all the important spaces of the apartment: living room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, terrace or balcony and exteriors. In addition, the images must have good resolution and must be made with adequate lighting, to avoid shadows and an erroneous perception of colors.

It is recommended that the prominent photo of the ad, which is the one seen in the searches, be of the most striking room or the one that shows the strong point of the apartment, such as a good view, a spacious living room, a beautiful facade, etc.

2) The Information About the Flat and the Neighborhood must be Complete

In order for a buyer to be interested in our heritage park houses for sale, they must first know enough about it. As we can see in the infographic, the greater the amount of detail, the better chances that a person decides to contact us.

In this sense, the information that for nothing in the world should we stop adding is the following:

  • Approximate location: add the name of the street and the neighborhood, preferably within the title of the advertisement.
  • Description of the flat: square meters, number of rooms and bathrooms, if it has an elevator, heating, parquet, terrace, etc.
  • Important details of the space: if it is bright, the height of the ceiling, orientation, if it has views and any other detail that can add up.
  • Closeness to points of interest: means of transport, schools, supermarkets, hospitals, public services, among others.
  • Contact information: we can choose to be contacted by phone, email or both.

3) Ad wording should be flawless and inviting to action

In addition to being complete, the ad must be well written. In simple and direct language, we must convey all the advantages that our apartment has, without having to resort to the typical cliché phrases of a television commercial. In addition, it is important that we are honest with the information we provide, because otherwise, the buyer could be very disappointed when visiting the apartment.

Also, it is advisable to include an invitation to action in a friendly way. For example, to close the ad text, we can use phrases such as: “you can come see it whenever you want” or “call us and we will solve all your doubts”. This builds empathy and motivates your ad readers to make contact.

In short, if we follow these three simple tips, we can have an attractive ad that arouses the curiosity of potential buyers and allows us to sell our apartment in record time.

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