3 things to ask an employer during your first time at a smoke shop!

So, it is your first time at a dispensary in your local town and you are nervous as to what to ask the workers in the store. You don’t know what to purchase when it comes to cannabis, accessories, or flowers. However, you want to learn everything there is to know about cannabis, smoking, and how to safely consume flowers.If you’re a veteran, you can rely on onlinesmokeshop to get your products at ease and at the right price.

Make sure when you first go into a store that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Everyone has their first time at some point, so you need to keep this in mind when you feel nervous, scared, or upset. Instead, remind yourself that you are a beginner and you should be asking questions!

The employer of the store and the employees will be happy to help you. After all, they want you to become a regular customer – and the best way to do that is to inform you of what accessories and products you will enjoy for your personalized experience.

Let’s see the top three things you need to ask a worker during your first time at a dispensary or store like The Freeze Pipe.

3 things to ask an employee during your first time at a smoke shop!

If it is your first time visiting a smoke shop, or your first time going alone, you may be overwhelmed and a bit confused as to what to buy. However, don’t feel this way – everyone starts somewhere! If you have only had cannabis before with your friends, at a party, or for medical use and you don’t know what to get, ask an employee the following questions to put your mind at ease and have a safe smoking experience.

What is best for beginners to use?

One of the best questions for beginners to ask employers is “what is best for beginners?” This may sound like an obvious question, but asking this to an employee at a smoke shop is very common. The employee will know exactly what to show you, whether it be easy-to-use accessories, less potent products, and edibles that are good for new users. If you are new to smoking cannabis, your employee will typically show you vape pens that produce little smoke, are discreet and remain easy to use.

What is good for my health?

The second question you might be wondering about when it comes to smoking cannabis is which method is best for our long-term health. Some methods release toxic chemicals into the lungs and throat, whereas others do not add any harmful substances to cannabis. Choose whichever option is best for your long-term lung health.

What would you recommend?

The third question you should ask at a smoke shop is what the employee will recommend! They are experts and they work there for a reason. The reason they work there is that they know what they are talking about. Ask them to get their advice!


When it is your first time going to a smoke shop, ensure you ask the employee the aforementioned questions so you can make smart decisions about what to buy!

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