3 Myths About Foundation Repair


When you think of Foundation Repair, several ideas are going to leap into your mind, but are they all correct, or are some of them pure myths that have grown up over time? Myths can often be created when the area being talked about is little known, and foundation repair certainly falls into that category. It is somewhat mysterious, especially as not everyone who owns a property is going to need to use it. With that in mind, it’s time to do away with some of the myths revolving around foundation repair so that, should you need to employ the experts at Pinnacle Foundation Repair, you’ll know exactly how to do it and why you need to. Read on to find out more.

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Foundation Repair Costs A Lot Of Money

Many people will automatically assume that foundation repair is going to cost a lot of money. Because of this, even if it’s desperately needed for safety reasons and to protect your property, it’s easy to put it off.

This is not a good idea. Delaying foundation repairs won’t make it less expensive, and it could even cause you to have to pay more since the problem will worsen and be harder to fix.

And anyway, foundation repair may not be as expensive as you imagine it to be. It will all depend on the amount of work that the experts have to put in and what problems they find when they investigate. Sometimes foundation repair does cost a lot, that’s true, but sometimes it doesn’t, and getting an estimate rather than ignoring the problem means that you can make a decision either way.

It All Started When The Property Was Built

When you think about foundations, you’ll likely think about when the property was built. After all, the foundations are crucial to get right, and if there is an issue later on, it’s easy to assume that it all began way back when the building was started.

Although sometimes this might be the case, it’s best not to jump to any conclusions. Some foundation issues have nothing to do with the construction and the original builders; they can develop later thanks to problematic soil conditions, an ingress or water, or even large roots from nearby trees.

Overwatering Damages Your Foundation

It’s easy to think that overwatering could damage your foundation, especially when the health of the soil is so vital to a good foundation in the first place. And it does seem to make sense that if you water your lawn, yard, or the area around your house too much (or you live in a particularly wet climate), then the soil will become clogged and sink, taking your foundations with it.

The truth is that builders will take this into account when they are making the foundations. Plus, the damage that too much water could cause is so tiny as to make no difference to the foundations at all.

If you have any foundation damage that requires expert repair, get that help as soon as you can – it could prevent having to pay a lot more in the future, and it will save you a lot of disruption.

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