3 must-have pieces of living room furniture that are perfect for your apartment!


If you’re trying to decorate your living room in your one-bedroom apartment in New York City, you might be on a budget. If you can only choose a few pieces of furniture to decorate and provide a relaxing and comfortable vibe in your apartment, then you need to narrow down the extensive selection to your top few choices. But if you need numerous items to decorate your living room, how can you do this? How can you decorate your living room on a budget and keep it stylish, modern, and aesthetically pleasing?

By figuring out the must-have pieces of living room furniture that you need for your apartment, you can avoid overspending and buying unnecessary items that are going to just take up space, distract from your best pieces, and cause clutter in your house. Avoid a living room that is filled with tables, chairs, couches, and pieces of artwork that can cause it to look smaller and more cluttered – instead, pick your top three favorite items and go from there!

We recommend starting with your 3 must-have pieces of the living room before you move on and begin decorating with smaller items and artistic pieces like plants, artwork, and lighting fixtures.

3 must-have pieces of living room furniture

Leather couch

One of the best pieces of living room furniture from Club Furniture that you should use for your apartment is a leather couch. When you are narrowing down the extensive list of living room furniture that you can choose, the leather couch is a staple that works well with any type of decor, space, and vibe in your apartment. If you are going for a modern look, a small black leather couch can work. If you’re going for a homey-vibe, then a brown and comfortable leather couch is perfect!

You have a wide range of leather couches that will go with your decor, vibe, and space – so don’t worry about finding one that fits your needs. Not to mention, the living room furniture will be centered around your big piece – this is your leather couch. Make sure you choose an upscale leather couch that is high-quality and long-lasting, as this will be the center of your apartment. When looking for the best leather couch, find one that can convert into a sleeper sofa – this way, you can have extra versatility when it comes to having people over for the night.

Coffee table

The next must-have item to have when it comes to living room furniture is a coffee table. In front of your leather couch, putting a small coffee table is the perfect option to add versatility and functionality to your space – you can use this coffee table so you can put on your drinks, magazines, plants, TV remote controls, and other items to make it easy for you to sit on the couch and eat food, drink liquids, and work on your laptop.

Lighting fixture

The last living room furniture item to use is a lighting fixture – you can either get one that hangs from the ceiling to save space or a tall lamp that can go beside the couch!


If you are trying to find the best pieces of living room furniture for your small apartment, we recommend checking out a leather sofa, coffee table, and fancy lighting fixture!

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