3 Museums to See in Ottawa


Ottawa is the political capital of Canada, with many of the most important government officials calling the city home. Although Ottawa is known for its politics, one of the city’s other claims to fame is the abundance of museums in the area. Ottawa has several world-class museums, all covering different topics and educating guests in different ways. As a result, if you are intellectually curious and happen to close on Ottawa real estate, there are plenty of educational museums to satisfy your curiosity. However, with so many great museums to choose from, you might have difficulty deciding which one to visit first. So what are the Ottawa museums you absolutely have to visit? Here are three museums to see in Ottawa.

Canadian Museum of History

The most visited museum in the entire country is the Canadian Museum of History, and for good reason too. The Canadian Museum of History honors the nation’s story and has exhibits covering many aspects and time periods of Canada’s past. One of the most famous exhibits in the museum honors the history and accomplishments of Canada’s indigenous peoples, detailing the Natives’ history and covering from their origination in North America to the present day. The exhibit is special because it was made in cooperation with various representatives of groups of indigenous peoples, ensuring total accuracy. If you’re worried your children may be bored by a history museum, don’t fret as the Canadian Children’s Museum is also located here. In this museum, children can enjoy interactive exhibits, watch educational videos, and even play with a wide selection of games and toys. Not only is this museum extremely educational and beautiful, but it also has something to offer to people of all ages.

Canada Science and Technology Museum

One of the more interesting topics to discuss is science and technology. Science and technology have improved rapidly in recent decades, and now we can do things that people never even dreamed of in the past. Learning about the leaps and bounds technology has taken over the years, and exploring just how far we’ve come is truly fascinating. That’s why visiting the Canada Science and Technology Museum is such a great experience. Here you can celebrate Canada’s contribution to innovation and progress while also exploring recent technological advancements that will blow your mind. The museum also has plenty of interesting exhibits like “The Crazy Kitchen”, an exhibit built on a slanted surface, thus causing gravity to force guests to the wall. These interesting exhibits that use science and technology to be fun and interesting are extremely unique and are unlike anything else you’ll find.

Canadian Museum of Nature

Another fantastic museum to visit in Ottawa is the Canadain Museum of Nature. As the name suggests, this museum celebrates the various aspects of nature, such as animals and plants. Many different kinds of animal life are on display, ranging from replicas of long-extinct dinosaurs to skeletons and fossils of exotic animals. One of the more unique exhibits of this museum is the Bird Gallery, an area that sports 500 different bird mounts, with several hundred of the birds belonging to different species. In addition, this museum also has live animals, making it very similar to a zoo. The Canadian Museum of Nature is very unique in many regards and is the absolute perfect place to visit for nature lovers of all ages.

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