3 Instagram Hacks Every Marketer Needs to Know


Social media has become a very popular platform, especially a powerful tool for marketers who get an opportunity to promote their brand over the world to millions of users. In this case, Instagram is the most effective platform for marketers and businesses to provide their brand’s social presence with high efficiency. 

Instagram has a lot of advantages but here are three most useful Instagram hacks to consider if you’re a marketer. 

1. Use right hashtags

Hashtags are the inseparable part of Instagram. Adding hashtags on your Instagram posts, helps your post to boost engagement from followers and turn non-follower into new followers. If you choose a relevant hashtag to your posts, added in the end of the caption, it will help you appear in the explore section, and also users can find your content by typing one of the hashtags that you used in the post, thereby increasing your brand awareness.  

Don’t overuse hashtags, although Instagram has a limit on hashtags, 30 hashtags for a post. Make sure that you include both worldwide hashtags and also hashtags that are matching the content of your post. Relevancy will increase efficiency due to hashtags algorithm. 

2. Create highlights 

Create highlights on your page and include the most interesting and noteworthy stories there. Gather all the stories in one topic in one place and give it a relevant name, change its cover and add covers to all highlights. People like to watch stories, and it would be more pleasing and simple for them to see all your interesting stories in one place. 

As highlights contain so many appealing stories and are separated all in different certain topics, users will become more interested in your account and becoming a follower. You can track more information about followers by using the free Instagram unfollow app and see how many people unfollowed you, so you’ll make your account better to keep followers. To sum up the part with highlights section, in case it will have beautiful covers with catchy names, it will attract users more. 

3. Instagram influencers 

Influencers have become very popular especially on Instagram, and it’s due to their new approach of promotions which is attracting users more than the traditional ways of advertising. People prefer to make purchasing decisions based on the experiences of the trusted and loved influencers, whom they adore on social media.

 Collaborating with these influencers and promoting your brand through them, will guarantee you brand awareness, high popularity, more followers, engagements and also more sales, which is the important part especially if you have a funnel marketing strategy. The question is to find right and professional influencers who don’t only have millions of non-organic followers, but responsive and active audiences with many views and reactions to the activity. 


All the legends spoken about Instagram are real. It’s a powerful marketing tool that stole the hearts of millions of people all over the planet. So marketers are striving to do their best on Instagram to get the attention of followers. Instagram gives an opportunity to create your content, share it with your audience, make advertisements, measure results. 

But the account should have a marketing plan to be fully successful and accomplish desirable results in the end. So while creating a marketing plan for Instagram, don’t forget to take a look at these three Instagram hacks that will be definitely useful for marketers. 

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