3 Home Designs Trends That Suit Wrought Iron Fireplace Screens


Using a fireplace screen can add an air of class to any room as well as provide safety from the flames inside. Although a wrought iron fireplace screen would work in the majority of rooms, they are typically associated with Victorian styles. This works well if you’re looking for trendy decor inspirations because people are throwing back to the time of style and re-creating that Victorian look. Throughout this article, we will show you how to style your room and make your wrought iron fireplace screen shine.

Victorian Style

The peak of the industrial revolution is the definition of Victorian style. With the revolution, the common folk began to add style to their homes without having to pay for luxurious materials. If this is the look you’re aiming for, you can utilize patterned rugs, floral designs, and extravagant tapestries. The style is extremely busy but is woven together through the patterns and colors. Once you achieve the look, you can place one of the many designs of wrought iron fireplace screens into the room – the metal will only complement your Victorian styling further.


Victorian homes didn’t have the luxury of bright electric lights that we do today. Instead, their rooms were filled with candles and lamps – which is why your fireplace will fit perfectly. Holders that house tall candles are regarded highly when it comes to Victorian decor.

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Color Schemes

Because of the lack of bright lighting available, colors schemes were usually dark. Beige was an extremely popular color and features heavily in patterned decorative items from the period. Beige paired well with any level of lighting.

Mix in Modern

Having a Victorian-style home is a great look, but it needs to be brought into the modern era to work. Instead of using candles, which may increase fire hazards, you can use smart lights – allowing you to set how dim you’d like the room.

Having a wrought iron fireplace screen is a great throwback to the industrial revolution, and is perfect for Victorian decor. Use light colors, bold patterns, and dim lighting, and you can’t go far wrong.

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