3 Best Emulators to play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mobile on PC


Let’s talk about the Classic Grand Theft Auto San Andreas which was developed by Rock star games. GTA San Andreas mobile is the mobile version of the Classic GTA San Andreas. If you have played the Classic GTA San Andreas on PC or any other gaming console, then this game hit all the nostalgic points there is no second thought about that fact. We all have been stoked by one fact that you can do absolutely whatever you want in this game. The freedom of action in this game is amazing. The hood, the streets, and everything in this game look so real and well made. You will be amazed that how it is possible to get a huge PC version on such a small device.

Most of the things and the storyline are exactly from the original game. The whole campaign and animation or effects everything is from the original game. It’s like they have put the whole Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in the mobile device. Rock star games did a fantastic job.

One of the problem that many of the users are facing in this game are controls. This game was originally made on PC and for gaming consoles, the controls were much better on gaming consoles and PC. But since it’s the mobile version you can’t expect everything to be perfect.

If you haven’t played the original version, let me give you a little introduction and basic storyline of this game. The story revolves around carl Johnson who escaped from corrupted life in Los Santos, San Andreas. His mother was murdered, his family was fallen apart and he has lost his friends. His city is taken up by gang fights, drug competition, and corruption from the beginning. The only solution is to head back home and take control of the streets no matter what means unnecessary. If it is taken up by corrupt Police officers. The storyline seems like a movie and gives you a real experience of corrupt Mafia taking up the city

You will be required to choose your actions and see how far they can go for survival and decide what you are willing to do to save your family in this amazing game with incredible gameplay and amazing graphics and visuals. There are three major cities on the map in this game where you can roam around. Take advantage of the wide and open environment it takes full control of your decisions. There are millions of people around the world who love GTA and the GTA Saga has attracted millions of users around the world.

All this game was built for mobile devices but you will still get the taste of the PC version by playing it on your PC. All you need is to download any powerful Android Emulator. What Android Emulator does is that it lets you play any mobile video game or app that is available on the Google Play Store. It’s like using your cell phone on a bigger screen with better resolution and greater hardware. There are many Android emulators in the market which are amazing but we have listed some of the top Android Emulators that are perfectly compatible with GTA San Andreas.

1. LDPlayer: 

LD player is one of the top Android Emulators that are available to you. With blazing fast speed, LDPlayer can make use of virtualization technology available in your computers and processers. You can experience the Android operating system on your powerful desktop computers without having any worry about the hardware restrictions that are usually present in small smartphones running on Android. IT offers multitasking which means that you can launch multiple apps in different windows at the same time. To be honest this feature is very productive and has made gaming on Android emulators easy and hustle-free. You can use your keyboard or Mouse for everything in LDPlayer from using apps like web browsers to playing games on your large screen computers. It is a powerful way of playing Android games on your large screens with better resolution. Interfere unique and simple which is good for beginners. Even if you have a low-end PC this will work perfectly fine on your laptop or your desktop computer.

2. Bluestacks: 

Blue tax is one of the first production software that has allowed you to use your favorite mobile apps and video games on your PC or laptops. You can download almost any app from the Play Store and can play with bluestacks easily. The user interface is configured with all your needs it is also capable of integrating with custom software experiences that are designed and developed by PC manufacturers.

3. Nox player: 

NOX player is an Android emulator that lets you use almost any of the operating apps from the comfort of your computer we are talking about every single app on the Google Play Store. It is operating on Android 4.4.2 which lets you use practically any app within Android’s extensive catalog. You can create custom controls in a very simple way


To conclude all, these are some of the powerful Android emulators that you can download and enjoy Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on PC. But my personal favorite is LDPlayer which is perfectly bet to play games like GTA San Andreas. Its user-friendly, private, highly reliable with blazing speed.

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