21- Fun And Easy Texture Wall Painting Ideas For Bedroom Or Common Area


When it comes to sprucing up your home interiors, rather than checking the expensive affair of changing the soft furniture, try different wall painting designs for bedroom. There are different wall painting techniques to add life to dull or bare walls. You can even choose it as an entertaining DIY activity to have family time while creating a memorable wall for the space. Thus, if you are looking for an exciting wall painting idea, here are effortless wall décor ideas to apply in the bedroom or common area.

1. One-color feature wall design:

A featured wall is a single wall painted in a way that stands out from the other wall and space. You can easily achieve this for your bedroom by choosing your favorite color that you wish to highlight. Make sure to select the wall for the design that is in the center, clearly visible so the result is maximum achieved. You can choose minimal or bold, either way, a feature wall is going to help you glamourize the room.

2. Textured paint effect to create drama:

Texture wall design is one of the great ways to add an interesting element to the wall. While there are endless hues, designs, and patterns available, you don’t need to restrict yourself to limited options when it is about the textured walls. If you wish to add depth to your space, select the texture-effect paint to create a real texture appearance. However, you can even take it up as a DIY project with your family to build a stronger relationship along with a beautiful space.

3. Art painting:

Are you looking for wall painting ideas that showcase your personality? Thus, a mural wall painting is an answer for you. This kind of wall design breaks the monotony of the room in an unusual way. The best result is when you obtain the painting made by a professional, or you can bring the family together and get a DIY design done to give it a personal touch to create a creative asset for the home.

4. Highlighting a pop of color as the wall design:

If the idea of a wall painting design is too much for your bedroom, instead, you can experiment with a single pop of color. This type of wall painting design works beautifully with children’s rooms or the space you want to add a few bright colors to the neutral environment around. You can even  this idea by showcasing your artwork on a single wall.

5. Color blocking wall painting design:

If you are fond of bright, bold, and contrasting colors, this wall design is the best for you. Color-blocking is the new favorite in painting techniques that is doing the rounds. You can choose solid colors and neutrals to balance it out, or you can even pair two pops of colours if you love it all bold. This is the easiest way to add drama to spice up the interiors.

6. Geometric wall design to add interest element:

Among all the wall painting techniques, a geometric wall design stands out beautifully. Since this wall painting design is asymmetrical, you have a large scope to experience and play around with colors and hues in each section. You can either choose neutrals and pastels or pick up a darker palette for the royal appearance. Moreover, to avoid clashes, consider the colors you select so that it matches the interiors.

7. Two-tone room color concept:

If you thought the wall painting designs are only meant to decorate the wall and revamp the space, there are a few wall painting techniques that also alter the height of the room. The two-tone room color combination is a great way to dress the walls minimally. A room with a low ceiling can have darker colors at the base to create the impression of height.

If you like wall paintings and want to implement the correct one as per the space, interiors, and your choice of colors, keep these designs in mind and recreate the dream interiors for your family.

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