2022-2023 Trend Guide guides on consumption and the market


The Guide is an aid for entrepreneurs to plan their actions adapted to the new realities. Divided into two large blocks: one addresses behavior and consumption, with themes such as connected life, celebrations, home and life in order and “compensating for chaos”. The other major theme, focused on market and management, presents new positioning, digital world, new business models, sustainability economics and inclusion to expand the market.

Within each block, the macro and micro trends for the coming years were listed, according to consumer behavior. Information was sought from trend reports made by several technology companies and studies around the world. 

Social media

In today’s world social medias play an essential role in the business industry. Social medias connect billions of people worldwide, which makes targeting specific audiences easier. In 2022 the most popular social media for online marketing is Instagram. Majority of influencers generate lots of money by advertising their products on Instagram. If you want to start a business, don’t forget to purchase Instagram followers to reach a broader audience.

Macro and Micro

Trends The Trend Guide is divided into nine macro trends and over 40 micro trends. Macrotrends are related to behavioral mindsets originated by society’s needs. “These mindsets are so large that they affect, simultaneously, a wide range of sectors of the industry and for a longer term, from 15 to 30 years”, explains Reck.

The content also presents a context of the present, of the generations (such as the boomers, millennials and Generation Z) that live together, of globalization and digitalization of information and mental health. There is also a glossary to facilitate the understanding of terms in English and related to new digital and business trends.

Technological and environmental innovations, different opinions on race, gender, religion, political issues that are at the center of current debates were subjects taken into account when formatting the available content.

A latent issue in the guide is inclusion, from racial and social issues, with a focus on people with disabilities (PwD), to Pet Families, who seek programs in which their pets are included, such as hotels and restaurants.

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